Monday, January 28, 2013

Sensational Wedding at SODO Park

Tyler & Megan wed at Sodo Park

Love one another 
  but make not a bond of love:

Let it rather be a moving sea 
  between the shores of your souls.

"On Marriage" from The Prophet is what Megan always envisioned would be spoken at her wedding.  Her grandmother gave her the book long before she could truly understand the words.  It has held a special place in both her life and the life of her mother, Mendy.  So, it was fitting that Mendy would present the reading at Megan and Tyler's wedding! 
Megan and Tyler at Sodo Park
Tyler and Megan settled on Sodo Park as their wedding venue.  A perfect place of a shabby chic celebration.

Megan and Tyler's wedding party at Sodo Park 

The wedding colors were an elegant grey and black and white stripes.  

Megan and Tyler standing before their wedding ceremony triptych. 

The backdrop for the ceremony was a triptych of vintage doors, floral "header," lights and candles. 

Candles light the ceremony triptych at Sodo Park

Tyler & Megan receive blessings from their parents at their wedding ceremony

I loved that the parents and stepparents all offered their blessings to Megan and Tyler.
Megan & Tyler kiss at their wedding ceremony

Then, it was time to seal their vows with a kiss.

Tyler and Megan recess from their wedding ceremony at Sodo Park

Don't they look so very happy!
I cannot tell you how much Tyler and I appreciate all that you did for our wedding. The ceremony was heartfelt and deeply touching, and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your involvement.   ~ Tyler & Megan

Sparklers for the newlyweds - Tyler & Megan at Sodo Park

To love, to life, to all good things!  Wishing Megan and Tyler the happiest marriage!!

Kudos to all the wedding professionals too.
Baker:  Jenny Keller
Day-Of-CoordinatorLaura Gram, Simplicity Events

DJ:  Bamboo Beats
Florist:  Mackenzie Powell 
Hair and MakeUp: Megan Bingham of An Off White Seattle
Photographers:  Gabe Rodriguez and Boone Rodriguez   
Transportation:  British Motor Coach

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