Thursday, January 30, 2014

Why is Kissing so very Healthy?

Dr. Mercola posted an article on the health benefits of kissing.  Isn't that good news!!

Here's the "Story at-a-Glance."

  • Kissing has been shown to boost your immune system and reduce allergic responses in people with skin or nasal allergies
  • Kissing may also reduce blood pressure, relieve headache pain, increase feelings of well-being and self-esteem, and strengthen your relationship
  • People who kissed more often reported significant decreases in their levels of stress and greater relationship satisfaction
  • Whether sex, kissing, or even hugging, these forms of affection have primal, biological roots that impact our bodies, typically beneficially, even in the modern-day 
To read the entire story, click here.  And remember to give your sweetheart a kiss today!
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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Where to Propose in Winter? At White Pass, of course!

Engagement Photo of Kayla and Derek - Posted by Patricia Stimac, A Heavenly CeremonyDerek and Kayla has an interesting proposal story:  on the three-year anniversary of their first date, they went snowboarding with two of their friends.  Around 4:00pm, it was time to warm up and they decided to go to the bar at the lodge.  The four were not exactly looking their best.  They were soaked to the bone and their hair was standing up in all directions.

Derek's friend knew what was about to happen.  He yelled out: "Ladies and Gentlemen! May I have your attention please!? My buddy Derek has something to say to his Lady Friend!!" 

As quiet settled, Derek got down on one knee.  He explained how much he loves Kayla, how he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her and how nothing would make him happier than if Kayla would become his wife.   

He then opened a little box and asked, "Kayla will you please marry me?" 

Kayla remembers thinking, "YES YES YES YES YES YES YES!!!!!" 

But for some reason her voice was not working. Finally, she got out the "yes" and the place erupted with loud applause, whistles and cheers while the two kissed! 

Wow ... what a moment.  It was a lot to take in.  The two were engaged!!  

OK ... time to enjoy the free drinks and then back to the mountain.  Kayla, of course was very conscious of the ring on her finger.  What a great day.

The two intend to make it legal and to celebrate their good fortune at the Monte Cristo Ballroom early next year.


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Friday, January 24, 2014

Easa and Jessica to Wed at the Woodland Park Zoo!

Woodland Park Zoo wedding planned - Posted by Patricia Stimac, Seattle Wedding Officiant
The bride and groom shared one of their engagement photos with us that they also used as  Christmas cards.  (Yes, I do see that beautiful tree in the background.)

They are planning a fall wedding with the ceremony and reception to be held at the Rain Forest Pavilion.  Jessica and Easa are excited about all the possibilities.

And, so are we.  The couple would prefer that we officiate as a couple, which is something we always love!  It is going to be a wonderful experience.

Congratulations, Jessica and Easa!!! 

Thanks to Anna Gardner of Ragamuffin Photography for the photos. 

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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Perfect Day, Perfect Ceremony

Mike & Mark wed at the Hall at Fauntleroy - Patricia Stimac, Seattle Wedding Officiant

We can't say enough about how Pat helped make our ceremony special. From the writing and development of the actual ceremony to providing a calming and reassuring helpful hand, Pat's knowledge and experience was the glue that kept the ceremony running smoothly. 

The words she spoke and the calm, peaceful and loving way in which she spoke them gave extra special meaning to them. 

Mike and Mark with trees overhead at the Hall at Fauntleroy - Patricia Stimac, A Heavenly Ceremony
Pat introduced us to the idea of a 'ring warming', which provided an extra special meaning to the exchange of rings for me, my husband, and all of our guests. One of our friends from the east coast is hoping to include it as part of his ceremony as well. Thanks you so much Pat [and Kent!] for you all your help and guidance on such a memorable day. 

~ Mike and Mark 

Mark and Mike wed outside at the Hall at Fauntleroy - Patricia Stimac, Seattle Wedding Officiant
The couple wed in August at the Hall in Fauntleroy.  It was a beautiful day.  Their sisters, Melissa and Allison, stood up with them.  It was a very significant moment and I don't think there was a dry eye among us.

Mark and Mike's wedding ceremony officiated by Patricia Stimac, A Heavenly Ceremony

At times, the serious implications of the moment were experienced.

Smiles - Mike and Mark's wedding ceremony - Patricia Stimac, A Heavenly Ceremony

At times, the joy of the moment shone through.

Wedding rings on the Hall at Fauntleory's lawn - Patricia Stimac, Seattle Wedding Officiant

At long last ... married!!!!
Mark, Patricia Stimac (A Heavenly Ceremony) and Mike - Malcolm Smith, Photographer
It was a true delight to be selected to officiate for Mark and Mike!
 Wishing the two decades of happiness in their marriage
and in their family life!
Photographs provided by Malcolm Smith.
Ceremony music performed by Puget Sound Strings
Catering by Tuxedos and Tennis Shoes
Wedding hosted at the Hall at Fauntleroy

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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

2014: A Great Year Filled with Wonderful Newly Engaged Couples

Jenny and TJ with Ripley - Posted by Patricia Stimac, A Heavenly Ceremony
Kent and I have been fortunate to officiate for amazing brides and grooms every year of our 18 years celebrating weddings.  This year we are excited because the "entire class" of engaged couples is "above average" so to speak.  

OK, let me explain.  When I was teaching, my fellow instructors and I noticed that each class had a personality and character as a group.  On occasion, an entire class would be a total joy to deal with and we felt especially blessed that year.

And so it seems with the 2014 couples we have met -- one wonderful couple after another.  (Of course, that includes our niece, Kathryn, and her fiance, Cullen!)

Here is another such couple: TJ, Jenny and their much adored Golden Retriever, Ripley.  The two went to the same middle school and high school in the Lake Steven's area.  They began dating and while they attended college they grew up and grew together.  They are crazy-in-love-with-dog people and crazy-in-love-with-each-other people too!  Jenny and TJ plan to wed in June at the Pickering Barn.

Very much looking forward to co-creating a just-for-them wedding ceremony!

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Saturday, January 4, 2014

Nature Center will Host Kyle & Kylie's Wedding

I'm so looking forward to officiating for this family:  Kylie, Kyle and their son, Tyson.  

These three love the outdoors, as you can see from the smiles.  Here they are on the Wallace Fall's trail. (Tyson is getting a great introduction to the outdoors!)

So it is very fitting that they will exchange their marriage vows later this month at the Cedar River Education Center at North Bend overlooking Rattlesnake Lake.  It is going to be so much fun!!

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