Thursday, January 24, 2013

Wedding Trend: Virtual Graffiti Walls

Tonight we were delighted to participate in an open house hosted by Act 3 Catering at The Des Moines Beach  Park Auditorium.  It is a fun, fun, fun night. 

Graffiti Wall Rental was one of the exhibitors ... and I was totally hooked.  First, you have your picture taken.  Then, the picture is projected FULL SIZE on a wall-size screen!

You use an electronic "spray can" to select your colors, line width, stencil, tatoo, you name it and "spray" what you will on the "wall."  It is one of those experiences where you simply lose track of time.  (Also, no police, no fines, no destruction of personal property.  Just fun.) 

And, you get a photo of your work.  How good is that?

So here is our creation.  (If I had this in my house, I don't think I would do anything else ... at least, not for a long while.)

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