Friday, February 27, 2009

Destination: Jared & Katie's Wedding

It was a calm, winter day --perfect for a wedding. Jared and Katie chose a destination location to celebrate their wedding. Since many of their guests were traveling to the Pacific Northwest, they wanted to provide a total experience and allowing enough time for the people who are closest to them to meet and get to know one another. First, a ferry ride across the Sound, followed by a scenic drive along the Hood Canal, ending at Alderbrook Lodge where guests would enjoy a boat ride on the Lady Alderbrook after their ceremony.

The ladies relaxed before the walk down the aisle, the guys got together before the big moment.

Then, the entire wedding party gathered for photos. Crystal and Jason of Ella Blue Studio did a wonderful job of capturing the events of the day.

The tent was decorated beautifully by Christiane Zweifler of Flora Nova, and warmed for the guests' comfort.

All the guests were attentive, including Allie and Miles. They realized some important was happening.

We would like to thank you for such a beautiful and amazing wedding ceremony. You set the tone for the magical time that it came to be.

Married!!! It was time to share the "glow" of the moment ... then to celebrate!

Traci and Spencer, Bottom Line Duo, provided music at the ceremony and on the boat ride, adding a warm lilt to the evening.

At the reception, Northwest notes graced the room. We shared a table with delightful company and truly enjoyed ourselves.

And, it was so good to have cake choices!!!! (Ok, we both love chocolate.)

Ah, what can be better than to be in the arms of the one you love.

When the celebration is done, time to pad down the hall to a very comfortable room!

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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Liviya Loves Colin, Colin Loves Liviya!

What a great couple! What a great wedding! Colin, the writer, and Livi, the artist/doctor-to-be, created a warm, funny, interactive evening for all the guests. It was a clear but cool day -- so it was good to snuggle up a bit.
There were children everywhere: the "feather girls" adorable in their dresses and "ring bear" stealing the ceremony. Guests from throughout Cascadia and across the seas arrived in celebatory humor. Musicians were numerous (check out Young Galaxy) ... snowboarders were not. Hey, there's still white on the slopes.

Colin described Livi as a beautiful bird sitting in a tree with a tiny latte enjoying the world, which made so much more sense when I saw the decor: tree branches decorated with birds brought the room to life, centerpieces composed of slices of tree trunks with smaller branches and hand-made flower decorations, bird nests filled with feathers for the "girls" and a bird nest with the rings nestled in it, cupcakes with tree decorations and two itsy-bitsy birds, cookies for favors made by each of the mom and decorated with artwork - a bird- created by Livi.

So hard to choose which one to carry!
A photo station was set up by the photographer: Anastasia Chomlack. Everyone received a guest book page to fill out and then had their playful photo taken to be attached to it. Meanwhile the younger ones had their own special room and activities to participate in.

uch happiness and joy! A very good beginning to wedded life.

Colin and Liviya's wedding also is posted on the ESPN blog.

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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

New Years at the Edgewater

Kent and I were so lucky on New Year's Eve. I officiated for John and Misty at the Edgewater, which was great in itself, and we were invited to welcome in the new year with them and their friends. As you can see, I was dressed for the elegant evening (I seldom have a chance to wear these earrings that I love).

The Edgewater was "dressed" in candlelight. All set for the evening.

Misty and John and their wedding party are wonderful. They "chilled," watching Jeopardy and laughing and joking until the ceremony began.

Two close family friends (and actors) presented the best "Art of Marriage" reading I've ever heard. This was followed by a song performed by another dear friend before the vows, then the rings were exchanged. Yup, not a dry eye in the house.

Guests were entertained not only by lively table conversation but by miniLego projects: miniMisty, miniJohn and miniwedding arbor...or whatever the medium asked you to express.
There followed some of the most inspired toasts I've heard. And an improv performance, naturally! Everyone was in stitches.

Then the dancing began! Mister Miyagi had everyone on their feet, from the very young to the young-at-heart, incluidng us!!

Dani Weiss photographed the evening, helping to keep the memories alive.

As the midnight hour approached, we watched the fireworks at the Seattle Center from the Edgewater's balcony!
A pretty amazing way to begin the new year, a pretty amazing way to begin married life together!

Such is the start of 2009 -- a year of hope, a year of change, a year of possibilities. To prepare for your life as a couple, you may want to participate in premarital preparation. Check our website for more information.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Open House at the Skansonia

Love open houses: meeting brides and grooms in the setting where they will marry, reconnecting with fellow wedding service providers, enjoying good food ... and leaving with a sense of optimism. (And, it didn't rain until the end of the afternoon!)

Shauna Wu, Skansonia's Catering Manager and Event Coordinator, organized things and did a great job!

Yes, that's me standing where I usually do when I officiate, surrounded by floral pomanders created by Darleen Chinn, owner of Darleen's Creations.

Guests were greeted by a two seahorses crafted from ice, enjoyed mimosas and espresso (compliments of Music Man), were entertained by live music performed by J&J Music (piano and trumpet) and sampled delicious cake (Decadence Custom Cakes, Morfey's Cakes, and Look Cupcake) plus canapes served by Skansonia staff.

It was great to see Starr (Starr Photography), her husband, Steve, and new baby, Luke! Obviously a couple in love ... and delighted to be new parents.

Paper Fling's owner, Ruth Song, was there too! Great place to find just the right save-the-date cards, invites, place cards and more. Ruth as about to become a parent too ... in perhaps a few weeks???

Curt Nakon of C&N Photography was also there. Besides being the professional that he is, Curt has a wonderful sense of humor and keeps me in smiles whenever I'm around him. (You may notice that my pics are no competition to the professionals around me!)

iz of L&M was explaining to me how the popularity of chair covers has grown over the past few years. Once you see how "chic" your chairs can look and the elegance they lend to your reception, it is hard to resist not selecting just the right look for you.

If you are checking out DJs for your wedding, consider Seattle Parties. Sean and his wife, Leslie, are two people we worked with last season and both Kent and I enjoyed it. Think you will too!

Stationed across from me was Amoreena, owner of Midnight Blossom Floral Design. Her work is creative, original and I truly enjoyed meeting her!

The Skansonia is so photogenic. All brides and grooms will shine here!

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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Pig is the Place - Pike Place, That Is!

Elden and Beth are city folk so what better place to wed. Transported by classic car to the heart of the Market, then nestled against the famous Pig, they exchanged vows of abiding love.

Loved the details of the wedding: Eldon's shoes were his father's, the cane, morning coat and gloves went together so well with the top hat. Beth's dress was a vivd crimson - the color of love - and her veil a mix of tradition with an edge.

With all the action of the Market, the "fish guys" definitely needed to be part of the celebration. They even hefted a salmon or two over the wedding party. I'm sure this must bestow certain well wishes on the couple.

Smiles all around ... and then down the stairs to Post Alley. Love those cobblestones!

Next, off to the gum wall.

The ever-prepared Jaime and Michael Foster of Boojazz Studios brought along the gum, of course. Bubbles everywhere, with wads of it spelling "joy."

Yes, amid the hustle and bustle of the Emerald City, love exists and thrives.

And, of course, proof of that is the memorable kiss to seal the deal ... a deal to last a life time!

Best wishes Beth and Elden.

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