Monday, March 31, 2014

Two Great Places for Engagement Photos in Seattle

Christina and Johnny's engagement photo at Green Lake - Patricia Stimac, Seattle Wedding Officiant

Engagement sessions can be quite fun!  Johnny and Christina selected Marissa and Eric of Cicarelli Photography to capture this special moment in their lives.

Two locations were selected for the photos:  Green Lake (we are located quite near and think it is a great place) and Pike Place Market (what's more Seattle than that?).

Johnny kiss Christina in engagement photo at Green Lake - Patricia Stimac, Seattle Wedding Officiant

At the lake, there are so many wonderful nooks and crannies ... and a variety of habitats plus the lake itself.  You're sure to find a spot that is just yours.

Johnny and Christina's engagement photo at Pike Place Market - Patricia Stimac, Seattle Wedding Officiant

And then there is the Market.  What a vibrant place that is!

Pink tulips at Pike Place Market - Patricia Stimac, Seattle Wedding Officiant

In springtime the flowers are so amazing!

And what about Johnny and Christina?  The two met online while Johnny was in Afghanistan. They talked for hours at a time over Skype when Christina was off work and Johnny had down time. 

Johnny and Christina walk hand in hand at Pike Place Market - Patricia Stimac, Seattle Wedding Officiant

It soon became apparent that they shared something special and wanted to pursue a relationship. A first date was scheduled for the very day Johnny returned to Washington. Long before the proposal in November, the two knew they were going to get married. 

Johnny and Christina kiss in engagement photo - Patricia Stimac, Seattle Wedding Officiant

Christina and Johnny are planning to wed in July at the Washington Athletic Club.  They excited about the wedding and eager to begin the next chapter in our lives together.

Thanks to Cicarelli Photography for the photos!

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Saturday, March 29, 2014

A Bride, A Groom, A Limo and A Great Seattle Skyline

Amanda & Corey & Limo - Kent Buttars, Seattle Wedding Officiant

I don't see too many couples/car photos so it was a pleasure to receive these from Laurel McConnell.  

And don't Corey and Amanda look great?

This photo I absolutely love!  The approach to Seattle by the viaduct is stunning ... and this photo proves it!
Spectacular Seattle Skyline - Kent Buttars, A Heavenly Ceremony

Limosine & Space Needle - Kent Buttars, Seattle Wedding Officiants
And isn't this the quintessential car/Space Needle/Seattle photo!

Corey and Amanda, you had a great wedding day ... and great images to remember your day by.  

Thanks, Laurel McConnell for the photographs and to British Motor Coach for the very memorable automobile!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Jon and Juanita to Wed at The Canal This Fall

Jon & Juanita to wed at The Canal - Kent Buttars, A Heavenly Ceremony
OK ... aren't they a happy couple!  How can you not smile when you see them together?

We are delighted to be helping them in creating their wedding ceremony.  

And, since they live on the East Coast, we'll be communicating and planning via Skype.  (Isn't technology great!)

Here's to a very happy engagement ... and an amazing wedding day! 

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Friday, March 21, 2014

How Romantic is This? An Intimate Wedding on a Seattle Houseboat!

Kristina and Jille vacationing in Iceland - Patricia Stimac, Seattle Wedding Officiant
I recently finished reading a romance/mystery book that was set on a Seattle houseboat.  Very shortly after that, I was contacted by Kristina and Jille ... and guess what ... their ceremony is going to take place on a houseboat.  

Love synchronicity!

The two are planning an intimate August wedding.  It will be fantastic, I'm sure!
Kristina Jille Vacation in Iceland - Patricia Stimac, Seattle Wedding Officiant

Jille and Kristina just returned from a trip to Iceland.  Isn't this a truly cool landscape? And don't they look happy?

2014 is going to be a very memorable year!
Congratulations to Kristina and Jille on their upcoming wedding. 

(We seem to officiate for many people who love to travel, as do we.   Here's a cheer to faraway places and great adventures.) 

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Monday, March 17, 2014

Two Hearts to Join in Wedding at the Sanctuary at Admiral

Anthony and Jamie will wed at the Sanctuary at Admiral - Posted by Patricia Stimac, Seattle Wedding Officiant

Anthony and Jamie will wed in September.

The two are full of life ... and love.

Each has their own interests.  Anthony is very passionate about music, and produces and performs his own electronic dance music in his spare time. Jamie loves cooking, reading, tarot and crystal healing. They enjoy being creative and artistic together. Jamie and Anthony also share an interest in fashion. 

The two met at a music event in Seattle in 2005 via mutual friends.  They were friends for several years before starting to date in 2007.  At their first date, it was clear they were meant for each other ... and have been inseparable ever since.  

They have two adorable "fur babies," Freeway and Juno, and enjoy spending as much time as possible with their cats. 

Anthony proposed to Jamie over Christmas of 2013 in the presence of both of their families. 

Now, with joy and excitement, they are planning to tie the knot in a fun and quirky Day of the Dead themed wedding.   They will marry on the seventh year anniversary of their first date!

Kent and I are looking forward to officiating as a couple for Jamie and Anthony. 

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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Woohoo! A Heavenly Ceremony Makes the Top 5 in 2014 Seattle Bride Magazine Survey

A Heavenly Ceremony places in the top 5 of the 2014 Seattle Bride Magazine Survey - Posted by Patricia Stimac and Kent Buttars, Seattle Wedding Officiants

We are so very delighted! 

Now, it will be the wedding industry professionals who will decide the winner and two runners up in the "Best Officiant" category.  Naturalmente (I'm attempting to learn Spanish - Latin American style), we would very much appreciate your vote.

(Kent already speaks Spanish and has officiated a number of ceremonies in Spanish.  One day I envision that for me too!)

Oh, the many types of ceremonies we have yet to officiate ...

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Looking for an Easy Way to Make Your Wife (Fiancee/Girlfriend/Any Woman) Happy?

Carol Tuttle, a teacher, speaker, healer and best-selling author of five books wrote a blog post on this very topic.

She wrote that all women want to be paid attention to and to be truly listened to.

Simple enough, right?  Carol explains there is a catch:  a woman knows when her guy is really paying attention and when he isn't.

So even if he looks like he's listening, women intuitively know if they're being tuned out!

Ms. Tuttle also explains that a man who is operating from his masculine core has a stronger tendency to only be able to tune into one thing at a time.

So, men, when your wife/fiancee/girlfriend wants to talk with you, you must decide if now is the best time to tune in to her.  Ask yourself, "Can I give her 100% of my attention right now?"

If the answer is no, don't just tune her out or tell her no!

Lovingly tell her you want to give her all your attention--and determine a time (that same day!) that you will be available to do that.

For example, if your woman want to talk to you while you are watching a football game, working on a project or reading the newspaper, if you are already involved in an activity that has your attention, lovingly tell her you want to give her 100% of your attention and decide together when that time will be.

This will make any woman happier than you know.

Thanks, Carol!  Like it!!

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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Melissa: Bride ... and Artist!

 Last night I officiated for a wonderful, creative couple - Jeremy and Melissa - at EM Fine Art Gallery.  

(When the photographer's photos return, there will be so much to share with you.  The ceiling was decorated with over 40 white umbrellas of various styles and fabrics, the backdrop for the ceremony and the reception was a water jet cut Seattle skyline, and my favorite:  the portraits Melissa painted of her and Jeremy. )
Melissa has a great "wicked" sense of humor.  All the elements of the portrait just brought a smile to my face.  The grimace, the ring finger, the chalk board where the guests could write their best wishes.  So unique!  So playful!  So stylish! So Melissa!
And, I loved how Jeremy was looking so relaxed and happy.  In his portrait, he only seems to have eyes for Melissa (which is true in real life).  He too has a chalk board.
Love, love, love both of these!   What a great personal touch ... and definitely a conversation starter.

Best wishes for Melissa and Jeremy in their marriage.  I so very happy for the two of them.

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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Do You Know Why Falling In Love Feels so Good?

Love under an umbrella.  Posted by Patricia Stimac. Today, Kent and I learned about the "Cuddle Hormone." 

We were listening to Dawson Church, PhD, a well known  health writer and researcher and editor of Energy Psychology talk about relationships. 

So often we hear couples explain how when they met, it just felt so right.  And, I remember how ecstatic I was when Kent came into my life.

Dr. Church explained that couples in love initially feel so fantastic because of the "Cuddle Hormone."  This euphoria lasts for about a year.  During that time, two people just want to cuddle, to be near one another.  They can't get enough of each other. 

After that year, the "hormone" dramatically drops.  This is the time when people in relationship can seem to fall out of love and the two may move on to other relationships.  Mother Nature, you see, wants diversity in the gene pool so the "Cuddle Hormone" is doing its job perfectly.

So how to maintain an ongoing healthy, happy, so-in-love relationship?  Well, that's when relationship skills come in handy.
Dawson Church
As I've already written about, Emotional Freedom Technique, also known as EFT, is one of those tools.  It can help individuals see through the ecstacy to reality during that first year and to heal developmental wounds that interfer with connection after that. 

The two of us tapped through the exercises Dr. Church lead.  We were both profoundly moved.  Good stuff!

You can learn more about Dr. Church, EFT and the World Tapping Summit at this website.

And if you would like to develop some of your relationship skills, you may wish to consider our premarital sessions.  For more information, call us at 206-789-9788 or through our website.