Monday, March 28, 2011

Home in Normandy Park is a Perfect Place for Ryan and Khanitha to Celebrate Their Wedding Ceremony

The garden was perfect for classic wedding photos!
I feel so fortunate!  Kent and I often officiate at wedding ceremonies that are held in absolutely beautiful and/or unique wedding venues.  It feels like we are honored guests in so many places ... and we are very grateful.

We also are invited into homes - both grand and simple - to celebrate wedding ceremonies among an intimate circle of family and very close friends.  This weekend I was delighted to be a part of Khanitha and Ryan's wedding at his parent's home. 

Family members got together the day before the wedding and as a team decorated the living room (it was used for the ceremony and then reset for the reception dinner).  Loved the chair decor!

And this is how it looked at the dinner.

Since Khanitha is from Thailand, the couple selected Thai Siam to cater the event.  The bride and groom sampled food at various restaurants in the area and judged this restaurant (located to close to me in Ballard) to be the most authentic.  (During the cocktail hour, the chicken skewers with peanut sauce were my favorite - they were tender, had a rich, creamy taste without the sauce and were truly yummy when both were combined.  Can't wait to bring Kent there!)

Upon entering, guests were greeted by this site.  Ryan explained how he and Khanitha visited a bridal area in Thailand, where you can select clothing and have your photo taken in a wedding-like setting.
Hair pieces are so popular now. 
I like how this one gives the impression of being a veil.

Khanitha is both beautiful and warm-hearted.  We had a chance to talk just before the ceremony and she was rehearsing the words she wanted to share with Ryan during the ceremony.

Here's the whole gang! Asked everyone to just be creative in their expressions.  They were very nice about it. 

Family is obviously so important to the two.  The younger men found ways to amuse themselves and to enjoy just being around each other.

After the formal photos, Khanitha and Ryan were determining who was going to be the "boss" in their relationship.  (They were actually just being playful.)

The two are obviously looking forward to their life together!  What better thing is there than to find that person to share life with?  Wishing them long life, continued happiness and unbounded love!!
Sheena Kalso of The Invisible Hostess made sure everything ran smoothly and that the dinner settings looked gorgeous.
Food for the cocktail hour and the reception was provided by Thai Siam.

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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Steve and Lingling Exchange Their Wedding Vows at Clise Mansion

Some days are just magic ... and this is one of them.  It's March 19th here in Seattle.  It's sunny and almost warm!!  Lingling and Steve wed under two symbols of double happiness in Marymoor Park at the historic Clise Mansion.  They are obviously blessed.
Cake by Lisa Dupar Catering

Daffodil yellow was the color of the cake.  With real daffodils as accents on the cake table.  It is the season for them!

Ok, the family did the formal photographs ... and then a fun one!  These always make me smile.  Everyone was so happy for the couple.
You're smiling, too.  Am I right?
Since I was in the ceremony, I don't have any pics of the actual event.  It was dear.  Roses to the mothers, reading presented by Steve's sister, Michelle, and then the vows and ring exchange.  

The bride and groom decided to use a picture mat as their guest book.

Kent and I were married long ago but I still remember the feeling I experienced when we each said our vows.  Whenever I hear another couple saw their words to each other, it touches me ... and reminds me of our wedding ceremony.  Good memories.
There is a sweet gazebo on the lawn.  Perfect for photos.

Steve and Lingling decided to be traditional and not see each other until the ceremony.  So afterward they took a few minutes to complete the family photos and then enjoy a bit of time taking their pictures.

t was just so much fun to watch the two of them together.  Both are a bit shy in a very endearing way.

t is obvious the two love each other.  I'm certain they will walk side by side for many years to come.
The double happiness symbol is over 1,000 years old. It is believed to bring good luck in love and marriage  Feng Shui masters suggest keeping the Double Happiness Symbol in the Marriage and Romance corner of the house (the Southwest corner).  Doesn't it look like to happy people holding hands and dancing through life?

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Friday, March 11, 2011

Colin and Kathy Marry in Bellevue In a Very Unique Ceremony

Kathy loves Colin, Colin loves Kathy!  They are two very playful, imaginative people who have been exploring the world together and have discovered in each other a life-long partner.  

Kathy wore a traditional wedding dress and veil.  Colin was a bit more colorful!

They decided to wed near the play set in their backyard.  And, they had a tent (just in case -- it is Seattle after all!)

Everyone gathered near the trees.  Since it was an intimate ceremony, each person had a great view.

The words of the ceremony were uniquely Colin and Kathy.  

Loved their vows!  The words totally suited them.

Colin pledged:
I promise to dance when you need a lead.
I promise to build your garden when you need to grow.
I promise to find you socks when you are sleepy.
I promise to fly with you when you dream.
I promise to take care of you when you’re broken.
I promise to love you for the rest of my life.

Kathy said:
I promise to guide you when you are lost.
I promise to cook you tasty foods when you are hungry.
I promise to squish the spiders when you are scared.
I promise to fly with you when you dream.
I promise to take care of you when you’re broken.
I promise to love you for the rest of my life.

Everyone was very happy!!!

Day changed to night ... and the yard became a magically place.  The two stood nose to nose, playful as ever and ready to make their way in the world.  

We wish them for them many more days of walking their dog, making dinner and finishing chores together, to hiking the crater around Yakima, beach combing on Camano Island and taking road trips, to thinking up math poems and finding even better jungle gyms!

Many thanks to Scott Eklund of Redbox Pictures for the images. 

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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Lovely Lady and Gallant Guy Wed in Sylvan Grove

The "reveal" took place at the Sylvan Grove.
It seems inevitable that Jeff and Emily would be together.  From their computer science class where they passed notes back and forth, riffed on the lectures, learned about each others' interests and doodled to illustrate a point, their path was clear.

The sheep are adorable!

The bride and groom's wedding was informed by Emily's rendition of a cute little sheep bouncing across the page.  Jeff burst into laughter when he saw it.  The bouncing sheep was a whimsical and welcome contrast to the binary world they inhabited   ...  and it soon became their mascot.

Emily created the sheep in her bouquet.  (Doesn't it look like an idyllic pasture scene?)  Jeff sported sheep on his cuff links.

Love the pink!

He was ready from his cuff links to his ever-so-classy shoes!

The grove itself created a natural arbor.

Their ceremony took place very near their offices.  It was a perfect location!

Jeff and Emily decided on a "ring warming."  Each guest had the opportunity to hold their rings and inbue them with their well wishes and blessings.

Meg had people in stitches and in tears!

They also invited a good friend to present a playful poem about why they liked each other.


Then, it was time for Emily and Jeff's vows, which they wrote themselves.  So funny, so touching.   I loved every minute of them!

The very happy couple exited.  It was time to celebrate.

All and all, a very, very good day!

I'm certain Emily and Jeff will always find happiness in their adventures.

Many thanks to Gabriel Boone Photography for these great photos.

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Snohomish Wedding Tour

Yes, the THIRD annual Snohomish Wedding Tour ... and we are delighted to be a part of this wonderful event once again.  The Tour is free.

We will be at A Chapel on Swan's Trail owned by Lynn Hallstrom.  The address is 5419 - 64th Street SE, Snohomish, WA 98290.  Lynn can be reached at 425-315-5623.  And, you can contact her at and learn more about the site at  Stop by and say hello!

And we will be in good company.  More details to follow.