Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Marriage Tip of the Week - Self Care

Us feeling good!
Do the things that you know are good for you!  says Kent as he stretches his hamstrings and does a few torso twists in the middle of the living room (or a stop 'n go dervish movement, as he describes it).

Over the last week or so, we caught the dreaded "BUG!"  So we each needed to take care of ourselves while being kind to the other (or at least we tried to).  Despite feeling horrible, we had some really nice moments.  We have an infrared sauna and we melted in peaceful harmony (the heat felt soooo good).

We both enjoy ginger tea when we are under the weather so we kept a thermos full in our kitchen.

Since Kent prefers to sleep to TV when he's ill (day and night -- he has not seen so many movies!) and I would rather have a quiet room, a good book and lots of quilts, we gave one another space to be the way we wanted.  It feels good to have that freedom.

We are beginning to feel better and will soon be resuming our daily walks and regular lives.  We encourage each other to take a least a half hour to do something we really like.  I tend to download digital stamps (for crafting) each evening so we have taken to call our individual indulgences as "digis."  It makes us feel better individually ... and it's that also a great thing for our relationship too!

Have you enjoyed a digi today?

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