Monday, June 24, 2013

Sweetest Rehearsal Decorations and Setting

Tim and Millicent held their rehearsal at Tim's parents' place.  Their home fronts the Sound at Lakebay.

The wedding colors were aqua and cherry red.  Coincidently, I bought some organic cherries on my way to the rehearsal and then smiled when I saw the cherries on the tablecloth and the place cards.  It was so adorable, so seasonal ... and so very festive.

We rehearsed on the lawn and then enjoyed the pulled pork and potato salad.  It was an absolutely perfect evening in the Pacific Northwest.

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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Jonathan and Aiza are Engaged - Will wed in the Summer 2014

We met Aiza and Jonathan in May.  Just the month before, they traveled to the Philippines, which is where this photo was taken. 

The two have been together since June 19, 2003, and will be getting married on August 2, 2014, at Rock Creek Gardens

They will be including elements from their Filipino heritage in the ceremony -- which is always engaging.  It is going to be a wonderful experience.

We're very much looking forward to being a part of their wedding day! 

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Sunday, June 9, 2013

A Wedding to Remember!

How fun to look back and remember good times!  Leesa and Josh wed in 1998.  We recently saw each other and Leesa shared a few photos from their wedding.

My hair was really long then (compared to now).

The great thing is that Josh and Leesa are even more happy together than they were then.

What can be better than that!

Wishing the two decades more of happiness!!!

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