Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Relationship Intentions for the New Year

Kent Buttars & Patricia Stimac, Seatting Wedding Celebrants, taking a self-portrait at the Sorrento Hotel
There is something both hopeful ... and daunting ... about beginning a new year.  I love what Mike Robbins wrote in his column:  "Creating The New Year with Intention" (January 5, 2010) and this dual reality.  He talks about the excitement of new year possibilities and the inspiration of the energy of creation at this special time of the year.  Then, he goes on to describe how many of us aren't motivated by our resolutions or empowered by them in a real and sustainable way.

He is so right about this time of the year.  It really is a special time to receive insights about our lives and our relationships, to become clear about what inspires us, to decide which "seeds" we would like to plant and nurture and then to enjoy the journey it takes us on. Yet, we need to have the faith and trust to even open ourselves to possibilities.

We (Kent and I) celebrated the first day of the year focusing on intentions (yes, this was definitely a gift from Kent -- he knows how much it means to me).  We took a long walk yesterday.  It was a beautiful clear day and we talked about the coming year as we walked.  Of course, our first mutual intention was about our relationship.  We envision remaining emotionally connected and at peace with each other. We realize we have very compatible talents and qualities and wish to synchronize with each other to order to enjoy our lives and to prosper even more.  This is our overarching intention.  I smile and tear up with joy just thinking about it.

Our relationship in 2013 is something I'm really looking forward to!  

Wishing you and yours the very best in the coming year.

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