Wednesday, November 24, 2010

SODO Park Hosts Allen and Rachel's Wedding

Seattle offers great photo opportunities
One of my favorite remembrances from Kent's family are two magnetic Scottie dogs:  one is white and one is black.  We have them on our refrigerator.  Being magnetic, they are attracted (irresistibly) to one another.
How classic - Post Alley.

When I saw Rachel and Allen together, I felt it was the same.  There was a magnetic force that drew them together.  And I noticed the biggest smiles when they looked at each other.  Here are two photos of them.  The sequence reminds me of the Scotties:  two people who are meant to be together.

During the ceremony, the two only had eyes for each other. 

The vows have been spoken, the rings exchanged, Allen and Rachel are wed!

SODO Park is a popular and dramatic wedding venue.  A favorite since it opened!

Coming from two different heritages, the ceremony and the reception reflected both.  Allen and Rachel wanted to honor everyone and to have family and friends feel comfortable.

Yes, there is always time for a kiss!  Those first few after the ceremony are especially sweet.

Don't they look happy!!!! 

"Pat, you were amazing, we couldn't have had a better ceremony.   thank you thank you thank you"
                                   ~Rachel & Allen

The blue of SODO was a perfect background.

The bride, groom and their wedding party were looking good ... and were so very delighted for Allen and Rachel. 

East or West, North or South---weddings are meant to bring people together.  That is exactly what Rachel and Allen's wedding did!

Many thanks to Scott and Jennifer of Red Fish Blue Fish for their wonderful photographs! They really capture the day.

Music was provided by Isaac and JoJo of Bamboo Beats - love 'em.  Great sounds to talk to, great sounds to dine by, great sounds to dance to.  Other wedding professionals who helped make the day special are:
SODO Park and Herban Feast
Lea of Florarama Modern Design
You can never have too many kisses!
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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Ben and Leaha Celebrate the Quintessential Seattle Wedding

This couple decided to wed at the Woodland Park Rose Garden.  Classic!  And, they had photos taken pre-ceremony at the oh-so-wonderful Kerry Park.  Quite the view.  Quite an amazing couple.

The weather was even Seattle weather ... and Ben and Leaha made the most of it!  Love their it-really-doesn't-matter-what-the-weather-is-we-love-each-other attitude.

The wedding party was in high spirits, too ... and they were well prepared.  I really believe umbrellas are a fashion statement!!!

Leaha and Ben invited the cutest littl'uns to be in their wedding party.  Love this photo.

Woodland Park's Rose Garden is near where Leaha and Ben live. During free moments, they like to walk the few short blocks to the very place where they wed.  It is a quiet and beautiful retreat … and they always enjoy their time there.  It is a place where they can just be themselves and be together, a place that nourishes them individually and as a couple.  It was the perfect place for them to wed.

Here comes the groom and his parents.  Big smiles all around!

Ceremonies usually take place right in front of the gazebo (you can see it behind Kent's head).   That is where Ben and Leaha chose to exchange their wedding vows too!

The expression on Leaha's face says it all!

Then the kiss (always a favorite part of the ceremony).

And now that long awaited day when the two are husband and wife has arrived.  Ben and Leaha are married!!!!

I got to know Leaha and Ben through premarital sessions.  They are wonderful individuals and a great couple.  We hold them in the highest regard and wish for them all the best.

Many thanks to Patrick Love for the photographs. They capture the spirit of the day!

Others who helped make the day a memorable one are:
DJ: Luke Reneau

I truly enjoy getting to know brides and grooms through the premarital series of sessions.  It helps me understand better who each of them is and what is important to them as a couple.  As a result, their ceremony better reflects what they wanted to express to each other and to their family and friends.

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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Ian Weds Olivia at Hidden Meadows

The day was brilliant.  Blue skies, a few billowly white clouds, sun, warmth  -- it was if the Mother Earth was celebrating the union of Olivia and Ian.

Bride and groom were glowing!  And you can just see the love between the two.

The groomsmen gathered and just enjoyed each other's company before the ceremony.  

(We help coordinate with the other wedding professionals before the ceremony and organize the procession so the wedding party can just enjoy themselves.)

The ladies were taking in the moment too.  I love this photo!

Olivia looked stunning!  Her dress, hair, jewelry, makeup --- it all came together beautifully.

Each wrote their own vows.

Here is an excerpts of their words:

Ian said to Olivia:
You are my sun
You are my moon
You are the stillness in the night
You made me who I am
You changed me for the better
Now my heart is unlocked
And it is yours forever
We will be until the end of time

Olivia expressed to Ian:
The love we have is indescribable to the world.
There have been bumps, rocks, cliffs and mountains
  on our journey to this day
which brings our new beginning to our present and future life,
  making a new past as well.
We still hold hand in hand, heart in heart, after all this time.

And so the two were wed!  May their love open the way to share the amazing experiences of daily life.

Photographs were provided by Deborah and avid Kruse of Kruse Portraits
Catering:  Brown’s Catering

Love is a miraculous force of life. It opens our hearts, it provides strength to face the uncertainties and challenges, it offers a way to share the amazing experiences of daily life.  

Personal words bring a ceremony to life.  For help finding just the right words for you, call us at 206.789.9788 or through our website

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Ryan and Julianne Travel to Seattle to Wed at the Woodmark Hotel

You could say it started on the playground
  about four years ago
  doing what we both love to do.
You could say it started in the hallway
  you smiled and said "Hey" and that was it ...
I don't believe in love at first sight.
I never believed in fairy tales ...

The words above are the lyrics to the first verse of a song Julianne created with her good friend, Kimberly.  It describes the history and feelings Julianne and Ryan share.  

Julianne's bracelet is a chic accent.

It was a gift ... and a surprise for Ryan.  Kimberly performed the song entitled Then There was You during the ceremony while Ryan and Julianne listened, standing hand in hand.  

The tent at the Woodmark Hotel is truly elegant.

The bride and groom decided to celebrate their wedding at the Woodmark Hotel for a number of reasons.  They both love the water, they wanted an elegant, peaceful place and some where that had meaning for them. 

It so happens that Ryan attended the Puget Sound Adventist Academy, which is right up the hill from the hotel, and his high school graduation dinner took place there too.

Julianne and Ryan spoke personal words to each other.  I loved it.  What could be better! 

Everyone was so happy for Rayn and Julianne.  Before the ceremony, you could feel the joy of those in the process.  After the ceremony, that joy exploded.  A very happy group of people.

If possible, I find it works well to sign the marriage documents right after the ceremony.  It gives the couple a few minutes to take in the ceremony.  Then they can join the cocktail hour ... or wait to be formally introduced at the beginning of the reception.

"Thank you so much for making our wedding day special!  It's hard to know where to start because we feel you contributed to so many aspects of the wedding!

That's all I can say and over.  We really appreciated your demeanor and calm leadership.  We had such a great time and could relax and look forward to sharing the words and metaphors wit friends and family."
~  Julianne and Ryan

To provide a bit of historical context, the first time Julianne saw Ryan, her friend commented that she should marry him.  Now, those words are true (who says words don't have power).  Both feel so lucky to have the other in their lives.  Wishing Ryan and Julianne an amazing life together, filled with many happy adventures.

Photos are compliments of Brandon Witzel, who Julianne and Ryann highly recommend.

The couple also gives two thumbs up to Stephanie Wilson of Every Last Detail, their wedding planner, and Steven King, their award-winning guitarist.

Couples who live outside the Pacific Northwest and who plan to marry here will find distance is not a problem when planning their ceremony.  We can Skype and talk via the phone ... or communicate by email (email is my friend).  We have created ceremony with brides and grooms from Italy, Germany, Japan and across te Unite States.  Give us a call at 206.789.9788 or contact us through our website

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Eric and Nicki Wed at Hidden Meadows

Rain or shine ... or any type of weather in between ... couples are assured of a great wedding day at Hidden Meadows.

With dramatic skies outside, Nicki and Eric wed inside.  The guests were comfortable while enjoying a view of the ceremony and the land beyond.

Nicki looked amazing in her gown from American Rose Bridal in Poulsbo.

More parents are escorting brides down the aisle.  I love how Nicki's folks are holding hands at this poignant moment.

The ceremony began with a lovely reading by Brother Thomas à Kempis:

Love is a mighty power, a great and complete good.
Love alone lightens every burden, 
  and makes rough places smooth. 
Nothing is sweeter than love, nothing stronger, 
  nothing higher, nothing wider,
Nothing more pleasant,
Nothing fuller or better in heaven or earth

Words of promise and inspiration, words of possibilities and hope.  A great way to begin life together.

All went well and there was obvious delight when the two were married!

And it always good to just take in the moment and enjoy a kiss.

We wish Nicki and Eric the very best.  A solid roof over a warm home in which to share their love, no matter the weather!

The efforts of so many people, the bride and groom, their families and wedding party, and the wedding professionals all come together on "the day."  Many thanks to Kruse Portrait Design for capturing the day in images. 

Other wedding professionals who contributed to the wedding are:
The wonderful people at Hidden Meadows

No three words have greater power than "I Love You."  We would be honored to help craft a wedding ceremony that expresses what is in your heart.  Call us at 206.789.9788 or through our website to schedule a free consult.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Mike and Veronica Marry at Jardin del Sol


August is THE most popular month to wed in the Pacific Northwest.  Mike and Veronica had a toasty wedding day ... the bride and groom stayed cool and looked radiant in the sunshine. 

Veronica prepared in the bride's room.  It's a sweet space on the second floor so the "ladies" can keep an eye on what is happening on the grounds, too. 
And I loved this photo of the shoes. So important that they are both good looking and good fitting!

The guys tended to be outside, meeting guests and enjoying the fresh air. They were ready for the big event.

And so were the ladies.  The black color theme brightened by the yellow was just the right combination for an elegant look but one that suited a summer wedding in a garden.

Together, all was in ready for the ceremony.

The nuptials took place in a lovely open area surrounded by greenery.  It provides a sense of privacy and is simply a beautiful place to be.  There is an arbor which frames the bride and groom, with a view of the meadow beyond. It really is pretty.  (I like it because it is a fairly shaded area and so comfortable.)

I loved to see Mike and Veronica taking a moment to enjoy their day.  You can never have too many kisses!!

This is one of my favorite places:  a shaded walkway between the reception area and the ceremony site.

And at day's end, it is time for Mike and Veronica to take their leave.  A very loving couple -- wishing them a long-lived marriage and a happy life together.

Many thanks to Heather Lamkim for sharing her photographs.
And to Melanie McNair of Jardin del Sol for being a gracious hostess.
Sounds Unlimited provided MC and DJ services

Snohomish is a very fine area to marry in.  If you are planning wed there, give us a call at 206.789.9788 or contact us through our website:

Friday, November 5, 2010

Kenny and Kristin are Blessed with Seattle Rain on Their Wedding Day

Ah, autumn on the UW campus is absolutley spectacular. Kristin and Kenny began their wedding day with photos at the hotel (The Hotel Deca), then went on to the UW before making their way to the wedding and reception site (The Canal).

It was a day worth dancing about!  Kristin was a gorgeous bride.

The wedding party was quite the picture.  And, ok, aren't the umbrellas wonderful!  They do add a certain elan.

And "brellas" are just plain fun, too! 

Then, on to The Canal for the wedding ceremony and the reception.

Kristin and Kenny are obviously happy!!!

And the ceremony well ... very well!
Thanks so much for everything! 
We got so many comments about how wonderful the ceremony was 
and feel like you guys really worked with us to give us exactly what we were looking for. 
Many people commented on how 'us' the ceremony was, 
so I'd say you were successfully able to capture our personalities, 
We had an amazing time and are so happy with how everything turned out, 
thanks again for all your help!

Wishing the bride and groom good sailing and smooth seas for all their days together!

Many thanks to Bill Grami of Grami Photography for the images.

Kenny and Kristin also were happy with the following services:
  Catering:  Jewel Catering
  DJ: Luke Reneau of Professional Entertainment
  Florist:  Lucky Flowers
  Hair:  Alison Livengood of Venia Beauty 
  Music:  The Seattle Style String Trio

  Wedding Fashion Aftershoot: Ross James Photography 

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