Thursday, October 30, 2014

Children - Cuteness - Wedding Ceremony - Some Tips

Children at a wedding are so very cute - Kent Buttars, Seattle Wedding Officiant Kent officiated for Jeff and Lisa at A Chapel on Swans Trail this summer.  They included four young people in the wedding ceremony procession:  these were the two youngest.

Ring bearer at A Chapel on Swans Trail - Kent Buttars, Seattle Wedding Officiant 

Children can certainly add an element of sweetness and life to the proceedings.

And they are just so very cute!
A Chapel on Swans Trail - Flowergirl - Wedding ceremony officiated by Kent Buttars, Seattle Wedding Officiant

Here are some things we've learned to make things go well.

We invite the youngsters to the rehearsal and encourage them to "practice" with their parents. 

It is generally most workable when one parent or person the child feels comfortable with is there at the lineup and another is upfront to "call" them forward.

If the child gets "stuck" somewhere coming down the aisle, it is a good idea to have someone be the designated "swooper" to help them along. (The aisle is special but an adult other than those in the wedding party can step into if needed.)

Lots of sugary treats before the actual ceremony are not a great idea. Other options might include some quiet time, a short nap, reading a story together, playing with a favorite toy, having an adult just sitting with the young one and talking about what is happening ...

If you're planning a celebration and can include a child or two, it is always a good idea!

Many thanks to Rick + Anna Photography!

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Monday, October 27, 2014

Erin and Julia Wed At Parsons Garden

Meet the brides: Julia and Erin! 
The two met in college and fell in love.  

They discovered they share a similar life perspective: they both want a life of exploration and this fall took a huge step  and relocated to Dublin, Ireland. 

Their wedding was the first formal step in their journey in life together.  It was a very special moment as they joined hands and walked together to where their family and friends were waiting.

Since it was an afternoon wedding, the cocktail length dresses and stylish heels were so perfect.  

The wording was simple and suited Julia and Erin perfectly.

The brides decided to honor their mothers with bouquets of flowers. (Doesn't this almost look like a dance move?)
Wishing this very wonderful couple a lifetime of amazing adventures!

Many thanks to Jennifer Boyle Penny for these photographs.

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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

2014 Best Officiant - Evening Magazine's The Best of Western Washington

Can you believe the King 5 "Best of Western Washington" voting is almost at a close? Just three days to go (October 24th).

The two of us are so very grateful to be nominated once again in the 2014 Best Officiant category.  We were in the top five when the standings were blanked out ... and would love to stay there.

If you haven't had a chance to cast your vote, we certainly would love it if you took a moment.


Thursday, October 9, 2014

Hugs on Wedding Day -- Nothing Better!

Kent and I are so fortunate to get to meet and to know couples as they prepare to wed.  And, then to share the joy of the moment whey they exchange their wedding vows: vows that will shape the rest of their lives.

It touches us deeply ... and we are so very grateful.  
Thank you to all of you who have allowed us into your lives!

Thank you Wallflower Photography for capturing this very special moment.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Regency-Themed Wedding for Laura and Evan

Sense and Sensibility, Pride and Prejudice  Mansfield Park, Emma -- these works of Jane Austen -- plus the clothing of her era inspired this lovely wedding.

I watched as Laura had her hair done.  Minute by minute she moved from this decade back in time.  Then, she and Evan left to get dressed.


The procession began with Laura's niece, dressed in an adorable matching outfit was adorable!

Then, Laura and Evan emerged.  Fantastic! 

The wedding was an intimate occasion of family and the closest of friends.  It was held at the Angle Lake home of Laura's mother.  The bride and groom wished to marry near the lake but rain moved things indoors.

Even so, the setting was cozy and completely fitting.

It was a joy to be included in the ceremony, which was a blend of contemporary and history. 

The ring pillow made for Laura's grandfather while he was recovering from a war injury in Europe.  His nurse created this for him ... and it is a treasured family heirloom.


Laura and Evan adapted a version of the "seven blessings" into their wording and had a beautiful document created as a keepsake.

Here is one of them:

May we be best friends and work together to build a relationship of substance and quality. May our sense of humor and playful spirit continue to enliven our relationship.  May we respect each other’s individual personality and perspective, and give each other room to grow in fulfilling our dreams. 

Afterwards, all gathered round the table to feast and celebrate Evan and Laura's good fortune.

In the words of Miss Austin, do not you think the two deserve to enjoy a terrific, dear time together! 

Many thanks to Wallflower Photography for these wonderful images.

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