Monday, January 19, 2015

Planning to Announce Your Wedding at Your Wedding? Surprise!

Surprise!  We're getting married at the Woodmark Hotel - Kent Buttars and Patricia Stimac Seattle Wedding Officiants

What a fun wedding celebration!

Elliott and Barb wanted to surprise everyone ... well, almost everyone  (their wedding party and parents were in the know) ... that they were getting married at the Woodmark Hotel.

Woodmark Hotel hosts Surprise wedding - Kent Buttars & Patricia Stimac, Seattle Wedding Officiants

As guests arrived for the "party," they received a pretty blue envelope with a silver seal.  Inside was this card.
We're Getting Married at the Woodmark Hotel - Surprise!!  Kent Buttars and Patricia Stimac, Seattle Wedding Officiant
The photographer, Brittany Weiss of B. Weiss Photography, was right there to capture the expressions of people as they read about the "Surprise."  It was pure  fun!

This type of wedding was perfect for Elliott and Barbara.  Wishing the two a life filled with wonderful surprises!

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