Saturday, January 26, 2013

See Each Other First at the Ceremony or At the Reveal?

Megan and Tyler wed at Sodo Park
In days past, the bride and groom always saw each other first at the ceremony.  It was a magic moment.  It was tradition!

Today, many couples are opting to see each other at a "Reveal" because is has a number of advantages. 

The bride and groom still get to prepare for the "moment" individually.  Here you see Megan, ready to approach her beloved, Tyler, at Sodo Park.
Megan at Sodo Park
Sodo Park - Tyler and Megan's First Look

Usually, the groom, Tyler, faces away from the bride, Megan.  There is that same anticipation and excitement about seeing each other for the first time.

Tyler and Megan's first look on their wedding day 

There is so much to take in.  I think that this is one of the main advantages of "The Reveal."  The bride and groom have the space and time to be themselves and to talk and touch and share their joy.  If it happens at the ceremony, there isn't the same freedom to openly express how you feel.
Megan and Tyler wed at Sodo Park
Plus, it is a great chance to capture photographically these special moments, the way Gabe Rodriguez and Boone Rodriguez did here.  These are images that Megan and Tyler will treasure all their lives.

Tyler and Megan are ready to wed at Sodo Park
And, finally, there is a smooth transition from the ceremony to the reception, especially when both are taking place at the same venue.  The bride and groom even have more time to mingle with their family and friends and actually experience and enjoy their own wedding!

These are some thoughts.  Remember, there is no right way ... just the right way for you!

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