Sunday, November 18, 2012

East Meets West - A Wedding Ceremony of Two Cultures/Two Faiths

Two cultures.  Two religions.  Two hearts. 

Arun and Megan meet in 2008, had their first date at Herkimer's during that huge snowstorm, fell in love and became engaged in 2010 in the Methow Valley.  (Isn't that a great spot for a proposal!)

heir wedding took place at the Seattle Design Center:  a modern look with a spacious feel and lots of natural light.

Arun and Megan planned a ceremony that reflected both of their cultures.  A dais or "Mandap" was constructed for the Hindu portion of the celebration.  You see here the chairs upon which the couple sat and the altar that was beautifully created.

Their parents would sit on sides.  Megans' parents near her and Arun's parents near him.

It was very special that Arun's father, Prabhakar, conducted the Hindu ceremony.  And, I was fortunate enough to perform the Christian portion of the celebration.

During the ceremony, Megan wore a tradition Western wedding dress.  She looked radiant as she walked in on the arm of her father, Bob.  As I welcomed the guests and explained about what was to happen, the bride and groom, along with their parents, entered the Mandap.  It was colorfully decorated and a delight to look at.

Jyoti, Arun's mother, placed a veil on Megan's head.  Then, the couple exchanged garlands.

The two certainly are in love and have eyes only for each other!

Yes, it is a real fire.  It represents the "fire god" - the god of love.  Megan and Arun are spooning oil on it as part of the ceremony.

Here Arun is annointing his bride with oil.

Next, their clothing was tied together and the two walked about the altar several times.  It is the beginning of their walk through life together.

The wedding party and I took our seats and enjoyed the Hindu part of the ceremony.  When complete, the parents took their seats and we continued with the Western/Christian part of the wedding. It seamlessly flowed from one portion to the next.

The vows touched everyone's heart strings:
"I choose you
  as my life-long best friend and spouse.
I promise you all my love, trust, 
  honesty and devotion,
  through the pressures of the present
  and the uncertainties of the future.

I will always stand by your side
  and be supportive of all your dreams and ambitions.
I promise to take care of you and to take care of myself
  so we can keep on laughing together and loving each other 
  for as long as we both shall live."

After the ring exchange, Prabhakar rejoined us for the blessing and pronunciation.

You're looking at a very happy couple!!

The newlyweds signed their marriage documents and changed clothing while the guests enjoyed the cocktail hour.

Arun and Megan liked their ceremony and I loved working with them.  It was a beautiful merging of customs and cultures united by their love.

Thank you again for everything, Pat!  
We loved the ceremony and got so many compliments.
We even made several people cry!
~Megan & Arun

It was a wonderful day.  Everyone was so happy for the bride and groom.

Wishing Arun and Megan all the happiness in the world!

Hats off to all those who helped make the day run smoothly. 
Blue Ribbon Cooking School offered all-inclusive services, from the design, planning, bartending and catering.
Luna Bella for the DJ services, photography and videography (the photos with the watermarks are theirs, the others I enjoyed taking).
And, of course, Prabhakar Sharma.

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Friday, November 16, 2012

Engagement Stories - Love Them!

There are so many "love stories" ... and I enjoy hearing every one of them (which is a very good thing considering my choice of vocation!)

Meet Nate and JoAnn.  They will wed in September at The Sanctuary at Admiral.  When I asked about their engagement, here's what JoAnn said:

We met eight years ago at work (a market research company).  We began working more together so we became friends and talked to each other throughout almost all of the shift. I tell him the thing that really drew me to him was how comfortable he made me feel when we would talk. I could be myself and not worry what he was thinking or whatever. Eventually we went on a date and then the rest is history, I guess you could say :)

Our engagement! I love this story :) One day, Nate and I decided to go to Coulon Park (it's a park in Renton) to watch the sunset. Honestly, it wasn't out the norm to me because we've done that so many times in the past.  I would bring my camera to take pictures so it was always good practice for me. 

We like going there because we had our first kiss there and it's a nice park too. That night, when we got there, we had to wait for "our spot" to open up.  I didn't know why he wanted to wait so badly because this was in February, so it was cold (haha). 

Finally, the people leave and our spot opens up.  We sit down and we face the sunset. 

Our conversation is as follows:
Nate: Will you sit here with me, 50 years from now to watch the sunset?

Me: 50? Why not 49 years, or 60 years? (lol, we joke around like that normally so that's why I said that)

Nate: I might not live that long...

Me: Oh... Well of course I will!

Nate: But we'd have to be married first.

Me: Yeah, we do.

Nate: And we'd have to be engaged first.

Me: Yeah, that would help.

At this point he gets down on one knee.  In my head, all I can think is 'He's TOTALLY joking!' 

He sticks his hand in his pocket, and I'm still thinking he's joking, but then he brings out the box, shows me the ring and proposes! :)

This is a good proposal story, isn't it!  

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Sunday, November 11, 2012

An Intimate Wedding -- Cave B at Sagecliffe

Cave B at Sagecliffe sign
View of The Gorge from the rooftop of Cave B

Matt and Heather wanted a relaxed, yet elegant wedding.  They decided on Cave B: a place of good memories, a place near relatives, a place that is dramatic and inspiring, a place of great wine (which is a big part of their lives).

Patio of Petite Cordan at Cave B
The couple also decided to keep the guest list to their parents and their siblings plus their brother and sister's families, Matt's children and their closest friends ... and to make their wedding a day to remember. Here are a few of the lucky people to share the occasion with Heather and Matt.

The welcome reception took place on the patio of the Petite CordanAs you can see, it was a spectacular day.

Before the reception, Matt and Heather had a "reveal."  Isn't love wonderful to see?!

Signature Flowers and Events created Heather's wedding bouquetHeather:  her shoes and her wedding dress

Heather and Matt's "first look" at Cave B

Reveal at Matt and Heather's wedding at Sagecliffe

First look at Heather and Matt's wedding

Heather and Matt together enter their wedding ceremony

When everyone was at ease and had a chance to reconnect or to make new acquaintances, we all walked to the Rooftop, where the ceremony began.  Matt and Heather entered together.

Loved these words about the two of them.  

Heather, Matt is a gift to you.  He is the hero in your everyday who makes your life special and deeply satisfying.  His compassion and thoughtfulness will continue to draw you into his family and his heart.

Matt, Heather is a gift to you.  She is your "ladder to the stars" and your best friend.  Of all the people in the world, she is the one that you are most honored to share a foxhole with.

Matt and Heather's wedding ceremony on the Rooftop of Cave B/Sagecliffe

Heather and Matt are married!

Married and happy!

Words to the guests and a wine bottle

The reception hall was beautifully set.

Split photo:  Table setting and collection of pies

Whimsical cupcakes at Matt and Heather's wedding

And there were so many desserts:  cake and pies and cupcakes. Aren't these adorable?!

 The wedding cake at Matt and Heather's wedding

Heather and Matt walking between the vines at Cave B/Sagecliffe 

Sagecliffe is a very scenic area, as you can see in these photos.

Heather and Matt kiss in the vineyard at Cave B/Sagecliffe

Cave B/Sagecliffe vineyards - Matt and Heather walking together

Heather and Matt kiss at Sunset   Cave B/Sagecliffe

Cave B/Sagecliffe sunset -  Heather and Matt kiss
The best of life always be yours, Heather and Matt, filled with good people, good wine, and good times!

Thanks to all the wedding professionals who helped make this day a reality:
Photography:  Clane Gessel
Florist:  Camille Grebb of Signature Flowers and Events
Guitarist:  Steven King

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Saturday, November 10, 2012

King 5 The Best of Western Washington Officiant Finalist! Woo Hoo!!!

We are very consistent in the King 5 Best Officiant standings ... for which we thank all of you for taking the time to vote for A Heavenly Ceremony.  It is so heart warming to know that our endeavors and efforts as wedding officiants are welcomed and valued.  It means a lot to us.  Thank you!

2012 Best Officiant Finalist (#3 out of 97 officiants)
2011 Best Officiant Runner-Up (#2 out of 96 officiants)
2010 Best Officiant Finalist (#3 out of  30)
2009 Best Officiant Winner (#1 out of 22)

Here are just a few of the "tips" you left on the King 5 site:



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