Saturday, March 24, 2012

Kody and Christina Ring in the New Year as Newlyweds!

Christina loves Kody = Mr. and Mrs.
What a great way to begin a new year -- to marry the person you love!

So who are Christina and Kody?

Their song:  "Desperado"
Their adventures:
  Backpacking Europe
  Scuba diving in Greece
Their proposal:  The Alps
Their wedding venue:  
  Lake Union Cafe

Yes, they like to travel and to try new things!

Since the two are currently living in California, we prepared their ceremony via Skype and phone and email!  Love technology.

Getting married in December in Seattle can be a very uncertain weather experience.  But look ... there's some sun!  How lucky is that.

Guys ready?  Check.

 Gals ready? Check.
The Lake Union Cafe was looking
its historical and beautiful best.

Let the ceremony begin!

New Year's Eve is a time to remember the past and celebrate the future.  As Kent officiated and shared the "story" of Christina and Kody, the guests laughed a bit, had their hearts touched a bit, sighed a bit.

Vows were said and rings exchanged. 

A kiss sealed the deal!!!


Married!  How good is that!!

Wishing Kody and Christina a lifetime of adventures and happiness wherever they go.

Thanks to Katie and Joshua Studios for the great images!

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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Riccardo Marries Brenda at the Hotel 1000

What a beautiful day for a wedding!  When Seattle is sunny, there is no place like it.

Brenda and Riccardo were all smiles. 
The groom and bride stood by their sons.

Their wedding is a marriage of two adults and a union of four young men.  All four - Enzo, Marco, Mateo and Maxx - gained an additional person in their lives who loves them and is committed to providing for and caring for them.


The ceremony was an intimate affair at the Hotel 1000, a wonderful setting.
There was a moment of prayer.

A unique reminder of a special day.

his was followed by a family ceremony.  Each person selected a rock to represent them and carefully placed it in the vase.  Then, Brenda and Riccardo poured sand to fill the spaces, signifying the love and support that is in the boys' lives.

Personal vows were exchanged and then Maxx presented the rings.

And the vows were sealed with a KISS!

Bubbly to celebrate the wedding day.

A toast to the couple and their family!!!

Post Alley is nearby ...
a great place for photos.

Here are some words from Brenda and Riccardo regarding their experience:

"We were looking for an officiant who would help provide the religious portion of the marriage ceremony for us and also help us incorporate our children in the ceremony, which was a big priority. We were also looking for someone who would work with us to create the right ceremony, not just use a cookie cutter version. We had a ceremony that felt like "us" and was deeply meaningful to us.
A very happy couple!

They immediately connected with us.  Their upbeat, personal service was amazing and they made the whole process so easy."

Wishing Brenda and Riccardo a lifetime of married bliss ~

Thanks to Dani Weiss for the wonderful photographs.

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