Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Tyler and Megan's Vintage Wedding at Sodo Park

Welcome!  This is the third in the series on Megan and Tyler's wedding.  Today's post focuses on all the details that created a very warm, personal, and old-time feel to their wedding celebration.


Guests were greeted with this display:  the place cards arranged on the rack, an old-fashioned typewriter and vintage post cards.  They were encouraged to type out a message to the couple that would be mailed to them later.  How nice to receive well wishes both on the wedding day ... and beyond.

Chalkboards with messages were placed around the room.  I really like the look of these.

And, I absolutely adore sedums and living centerpieces.  Talk about green.


After the ceremony, while guests enjoyed the cocktail hour, the main area was reset.  Isn't this striking?!  It was the first time I've seen striped table clothes.  They looked so elegant.

 The clear plates and white accents worked beautifully together.


The bride and groom sat with their wedding party on the right side of the photo at a long table with its own decor.

Look at this "Sweet Treats" table.  Of course, the wedding cake took centered stage.

What to try first!

 In fact, you were encouraged to enjoy yourself.

Megan and Tyler truly created a amazing celebration!

Wishing the two years of walking hand-in-hand together through life.

Hats off to the trio who made the vision a reality:
Day-Of-CoordinatorLaura Gram, Simplicity Events
Baker: Jenny Keller of Jenny Cookies
Caterer:  Herban Feast 
DJ:  Bamboo Beats
Florist:  Mackenzie Powell
Hair and MakeUp: Megan Bingham of An Off White Seattle 
Transportation:  British Motor Coach 
And to the photographers:  Gabe Rodriguez and Boone Rodriguez   

For a personal experience with your ceremony that as unique and personal as this wedding design, give us a call at 206-789-9788 or contact us through our website:  w

Monday, January 28, 2013

Sensational Wedding at SODO Park

Tyler & Megan wed at Sodo Park

Love one another 
  but make not a bond of love:

Let it rather be a moving sea 
  between the shores of your souls.

"On Marriage" from The Prophet is what Megan always envisioned would be spoken at her wedding.  Her grandmother gave her the book long before she could truly understand the words.  It has held a special place in both her life and the life of her mother, Mendy.  So, it was fitting that Mendy would present the reading at Megan and Tyler's wedding! 
Megan and Tyler at Sodo Park
Tyler and Megan settled on Sodo Park as their wedding venue.  A perfect place of a shabby chic celebration.

Megan and Tyler's wedding party at Sodo Park 

The wedding colors were an elegant grey and black and white stripes.  

Megan and Tyler standing before their wedding ceremony triptych. 

The backdrop for the ceremony was a triptych of vintage doors, floral "header," lights and candles. 

Candles light the ceremony triptych at Sodo Park

Tyler & Megan receive blessings from their parents at their wedding ceremony

I loved that the parents and stepparents all offered their blessings to Megan and Tyler.
Megan & Tyler kiss at their wedding ceremony

Then, it was time to seal their vows with a kiss.

Tyler and Megan recess from their wedding ceremony at Sodo Park

Don't they look so very happy!
I cannot tell you how much Tyler and I appreciate all that you did for our wedding. The ceremony was heartfelt and deeply touching, and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your involvement.   ~ Tyler & Megan

Sparklers for the newlyweds - Tyler & Megan at Sodo Park

To love, to life, to all good things!  Wishing Megan and Tyler the happiest marriage!!

Kudos to all the wedding professionals too.
Baker:  Jenny Keller
Day-Of-CoordinatorLaura Gram, Simplicity Events

DJ:  Bamboo Beats
Florist:  Mackenzie Powell 
Hair and MakeUp: Megan Bingham of An Off White Seattle
Photographers:  Gabe Rodriguez and Boone Rodriguez   
Transportation:  British Motor Coach

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Saturday, January 26, 2013

See Each Other First at the Ceremony or At the Reveal?

Megan and Tyler wed at Sodo Park
In days past, the bride and groom always saw each other first at the ceremony.  It was a magic moment.  It was tradition!

Today, many couples are opting to see each other at a "Reveal" because is has a number of advantages. 

The bride and groom still get to prepare for the "moment" individually.  Here you see Megan, ready to approach her beloved, Tyler, at Sodo Park.
Megan at Sodo Park
Sodo Park - Tyler and Megan's First Look

Usually, the groom, Tyler, faces away from the bride, Megan.  There is that same anticipation and excitement about seeing each other for the first time.

Tyler and Megan's first look on their wedding day 

There is so much to take in.  I think that this is one of the main advantages of "The Reveal."  The bride and groom have the space and time to be themselves and to talk and touch and share their joy.  If it happens at the ceremony, there isn't the same freedom to openly express how you feel.
Megan and Tyler wed at Sodo Park
Plus, it is a great chance to capture photographically these special moments, the way Gabe Rodriguez and Boone Rodriguez did here.  These are images that Megan and Tyler will treasure all their lives.

Tyler and Megan are ready to wed at Sodo Park
And, finally, there is a smooth transition from the ceremony to the reception, especially when both are taking place at the same venue.  The bride and groom even have more time to mingle with their family and friends and actually experience and enjoy their own wedding!

These are some thoughts.  Remember, there is no right way ... just the right way for you!

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Friday, January 25, 2013

2013 The Knot Best of Weddings

We recently learned we received this award.  It is surprising how few words come to mind and how many emotions come to our hearts, particularly gratitude.

Thank you all!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Wedding Trend: Virtual Graffiti Walls

Tonight we were delighted to participate in an open house hosted by Act 3 Catering at The Des Moines Beach  Park Auditorium.  It is a fun, fun, fun night. 

Graffiti Wall Rental was one of the exhibitors ... and I was totally hooked.  First, you have your picture taken.  Then, the picture is projected FULL SIZE on a wall-size screen!

You use an electronic "spray can" to select your colors, line width, stencil, tatoo, you name it and "spray" what you will on the "wall."  It is one of those experiences where you simply lose track of time.  (Also, no police, no fines, no destruction of personal property.  Just fun.) 

And, you get a photo of your work.  How good is that?

So here is our creation.  (If I had this in my house, I don't think I would do anything else ... at least, not for a long while.)

For more trends and wedding ideas, check out our Pinterest boards!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Marriage Tip of the Week - Self Care

Us feeling good!
Do the things that you know are good for you!  says Kent as he stretches his hamstrings and does a few torso twists in the middle of the living room (or a stop 'n go dervish movement, as he describes it).

Over the last week or so, we caught the dreaded "BUG!"  So we each needed to take care of ourselves while being kind to the other (or at least we tried to).  Despite feeling horrible, we had some really nice moments.  We have an infrared sauna and we melted in peaceful harmony (the heat felt soooo good).

We both enjoy ginger tea when we are under the weather so we kept a thermos full in our kitchen.

Since Kent prefers to sleep to TV when he's ill (day and night -- he has not seen so many movies!) and I would rather have a quiet room, a good book and lots of quilts, we gave one another space to be the way we wanted.  It feels good to have that freedom.

We are beginning to feel better and will soon be resuming our daily walks and regular lives.  We encourage each other to take a least a half hour to do something we really like.  I tend to download digital stamps (for crafting) each evening so we have taken to call our individual indulgences as "digis."  It makes us feel better individually ... and it's that also a great thing for our relationship too!

Have you enjoyed a digi today?

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Nathaniel and Serena -- Handfasted at Robinswood House

Serena and Nathaniel at Robinswood House
These two are a great couple.  They have known each other since high school in Austin, Texas, where they grew up together.  It  is this background -- their history -- that is cause for them to know in the depths of their hearts that they share a love that will last until the end of their days!

Plus, they just have fun together.  Wait to you see the photos of them dancing.  They are a great match.

Robinswood House was the setting for Nathaniel and Serena's weddingRobinswood House, where the ceremony and celebration took place, is such an historic site, with a wealth of places for romantic photos.

Centerpieces at Nathaniel and Serena's wedding

The patio was beautifully decorated.  Simple and sweet.

Reception was held on the patio at Robinswood House
Neil Hubbard, Bagpiper, Robinswood House

Once everyone was in position for the procession, Neil Hubbard piped us all in.  In recognition of Serena's heritage, it was so fitting and thrilling.  There is nothing like the sound of bagpipes resounding in a wooded glen.

Serena and her father proceed to the ceremony

Serena happily entered on her father's arm.

The ceremony began just before dusk.  It is a magically time.  Settled under the trees, it was a perfect setting for a wedding.

Handfasting of Nathaniel and Serena at Robinswood House

After each vow Serena and Nathaniel made to each other, a ribbon was draped over their arms by a loved one.  The two were joined right hand to right hand and left hand to left hand, creating a figure eight, the shape of eternal love.  Seven promises, seven ribbons.

The handfasting of Serena and Nathaniel

Married, the couple celebrated with a kiss!

Serena and Nathaniel seal their wedding vows with a kiss.

Nathaniel and Serena are marred!!

And Neil piped the newlyweds down the aisle.

The reception was held on the Robinswood House patio

On to the reception.  By then, the sun had set.  It was an absolutely gorgeous September eve:  perfectly comfortable for sitting outside and enjoying the evening.
Serena chats with friends at the reception

After dinner, the bride and groom moved from table to table to receive well wishes and enjoy conversation.
Time for Serena and Nathaniel to cut their wedding cake.

Time for the cake cutting and cupcake choices.  Yummy!

Time for the father-daughter dance at the reception

For this wedding, you definitely wanted to have your dancing shoes on.  First, Serena and her father did a dance they have done for years.

Time for the mother/daughter dance at the reception

Then, it was time for Nathaniel and his mother to take the floor.  This is a group that likes and knows how to dance.

The mother/son dance at the reception

That was just the warm up.  Nathaniel and Serena were ready to cut a mean rug.
Serena and Nathaniel swing dance at their reception
Nathaniel and Serena dance their first dance:  swingThe bride and groom swing dance at Robinswood House

Look at them go!!!

Serena and Nathaniel have a great foundation for the life together as a married couple.  I'm sure it will be one of  dancing and great conversations and video challenges and fun.

Nathaniel places his arm around Serena at their wedding

 Wishing them the very best!

Nathaniel and Serena walk hand in hand.

Thanks especially to Aly Medina of La Luz Photography for sharing her work.

And to all those who contributed to making the wedding one to remember, including Neil Hubbard.

If you are planning a handfasting ceremony, give us a call at 206-789-9788 or contact us through our website: www.aheavenlyceremony.com.  (By the way, Kent has a Scottish background and looks mighty fine in his kilts.)