Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Nathaniel and Serena -- Handfasted at Robinswood House

Serena and Nathaniel at Robinswood House
These two are a great couple.  They have known each other since high school in Austin, Texas, where they grew up together.  It  is this background -- their history -- that is cause for them to know in the depths of their hearts that they share a love that will last until the end of their days!

Plus, they just have fun together.  Wait to you see the photos of them dancing.  They are a great match.

Robinswood House was the setting for Nathaniel and Serena's weddingRobinswood House, where the ceremony and celebration took place, is such an historic site, with a wealth of places for romantic photos.

Centerpieces at Nathaniel and Serena's wedding

The patio was beautifully decorated.  Simple and sweet.

Reception was held on the patio at Robinswood House
Neil Hubbard, Bagpiper, Robinswood House

Once everyone was in position for the procession, Neil Hubbard piped us all in.  In recognition of Serena's heritage, it was so fitting and thrilling.  There is nothing like the sound of bagpipes resounding in a wooded glen.

Serena and her father proceed to the ceremony

Serena happily entered on her father's arm.

The ceremony began just before dusk.  It is a magically time.  Settled under the trees, it was a perfect setting for a wedding.

Handfasting of Nathaniel and Serena at Robinswood House

After each vow Serena and Nathaniel made to each other, a ribbon was draped over their arms by a loved one.  The two were joined right hand to right hand and left hand to left hand, creating a figure eight, the shape of eternal love.  Seven promises, seven ribbons.

The handfasting of Serena and Nathaniel

Married, the couple celebrated with a kiss!

Serena and Nathaniel seal their wedding vows with a kiss.

Nathaniel and Serena are marred!!

And Neil piped the newlyweds down the aisle.

The reception was held on the Robinswood House patio

On to the reception.  By then, the sun had set.  It was an absolutely gorgeous September eve:  perfectly comfortable for sitting outside and enjoying the evening.
Serena chats with friends at the reception

After dinner, the bride and groom moved from table to table to receive well wishes and enjoy conversation.
Time for Serena and Nathaniel to cut their wedding cake.

Time for the cake cutting and cupcake choices.  Yummy!

Time for the father-daughter dance at the reception

For this wedding, you definitely wanted to have your dancing shoes on.  First, Serena and her father did a dance they have done for years.

Time for the mother/daughter dance at the reception

Then, it was time for Nathaniel and his mother to take the floor.  This is a group that likes and knows how to dance.

The mother/son dance at the reception

That was just the warm up.  Nathaniel and Serena were ready to cut a mean rug.
Serena and Nathaniel swing dance at their reception
Nathaniel and Serena dance their first dance:  swingThe bride and groom swing dance at Robinswood House

Look at them go!!!

Serena and Nathaniel have a great foundation for the life together as a married couple.  I'm sure it will be one of  dancing and great conversations and video challenges and fun.

Nathaniel places his arm around Serena at their wedding

 Wishing them the very best!

Nathaniel and Serena walk hand in hand.

Thanks especially to Aly Medina of La Luz Photography for sharing her work.

And to all those who contributed to making the wedding one to remember, including Neil Hubbard.

If you are planning a handfasting ceremony, give us a call at 206-789-9788 or contact us through our website: www.aheavenlyceremony.com.  (By the way, Kent has a Scottish background and looks mighty fine in his kilts.)

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