Thursday, January 17, 2013

Colin and Megan Found the "Right One"

Colin and Megan

Colin is the kind of guy Megan wanted to marry.  He would get up earlier than he needed to in order to walk Megan to work, wanting to be sure she was safe.

Megan is the kind of gal Colin wanted to wed.  Not long after dating, they went camping.  On the way home, they felt tired and dirty and face miles of traffic.  When Colin looked at Megan, she had the biggest, most beautiful smile on her face -- a smile he wanted to see every day of his life.

The groomsmen toast Colin
The wedding took place at Megan's parent's home.  They put up two tents:  one of the deck for the ceremony and later the dancing.  One over the guests seating for the ceremony and later the reception area.

The men (for certainly that is what you call them when they wear kilts), toasted Colin for his good fortune.

Megan and her bridesmaids

The woman meanwhile were looking gorgeous.

Megan made her way down the stairs from where she had gotten ready, to the attention of the groomsmen.
Megan walking down the stairs to Colin, her husband-to-be

Colin and Megan at their "Reveal"

Then, there was that magic moment, "The Reveal," when the two first saw each other.


Colin and Megan only had eyes for each other!
Megan and Colin enjoy a quiet moment before their wedding ceremony
Seattle Wedding Officiant Patricia Stimac, A Heavenly Ceremony

Wanting to match the wedding colors and theme, I wore blue and velvet.  It was all so exciting.  Neil Hubbard "piped" the wedding party in.  He always makes a wedding one to remember.  There is nothing like the sound of bagpipes.

Groomsmen and bridesmaids ready to enter Colin and Megan's wedding

 Then, it was time for Megan to enter with her father, Gary.
Megan and her father, Warren, are ready to walk down the wedding aisle
Debi, Megan's mother, presents a reading at her daughter's wedding

Debi, Megan's mother, presented a reading entitled "Maybe."

Maybe...the best kind of love is the kind where you can sit on a sofa together never say a word, and then walk away feeling like it was the best conversation you've ever had.

Colin and Megan's first kiss as a married couple
After promising to love each other for as long as they both shall live, Megan and Colin shared their first kiss as a married couple!The decorative marriage document is signed by Megan 
Signing of marriage documents complete:  Colin, Megan, best man, maid of honor and Patricia Stimac, Seattle Wedding Officiant 

It was a joyous moment when the marriage was made legal!  (I think it is like the second celebration of the day.  Always a happy time.)

Meanwhile, the guests were enjoying Grandma Jefferson's mix.  It was quite yummy.   Family traditions like this make the occasion even more memorable.
Megan and Colin served a snack mix created by Grandmother Jefferson at their wedding

Yum .. chocolate wedding cake is cut by Colin and Megan

Then on the cake-cutting and dancing and having even more fun!  Danny Goldfarb of WaSound definitely kept things moving!!  (I had the good fortune to officiate for Danny and his wife, Lucia, soon after.)

And thanks to Holly Martinez of HM Events, everything went perfectly.  Holly is also a family friend which made things even more comfortable for Megan and Colin.

Colin and Megan stand in the sun among the trees 
Wishing Megan and Colin many decades of happiness ... and all good things! 

Many thanks to Chris Sollart for these wonderful photos!

If you're planning a Celtic wedding, give us a call at 206-789-9788 or through our website:  We have a collection of handfasting ceremonies and Kent even has his own kilt (his tartan is Murray of Atholl).  He has cute knees and looks mighty fine.

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