Sunday, September 30, 2012

11 Days to Vote for A Heavenly Ceremony as Best Officiant in Western Washington, the King 5 Poll

11 days to go in The Best Officiant of Western Washington Poll. Yes, yes, yes … please be one of those 200+ who will vote for us and receive our gratitude and thanks and appreciation and all the good thoughts we can possibly think of!

Marriage Tip of Day 11.  Laugh together and enjoy each others' sense of humor.

According to Kent, one of the best parts of our days together is when we laugh together.  I agree.  It is a wonderful gift. It reduces stress, lifts your spirits, makes your brain happy and improves your health.

Look for the humor in your day, share something funny, think of situation you both experienced that had you in stitches, watch a comedy together …

If you can laugh at yourselves or at your situation, things seem sunnier and there is more hope and happiness in life.

OK, we are smiling and chuckling, thinking how delighted we are that you are casting your vote for us now!  What a pleasant thought!!

Friday, September 28, 2012

Day 14 in the King 5 Best Officiant Poll - Teamwork in Marriage

Photo by Cher

My grandfather used to say that a good marriage was as valuable as a well matched pair of draft horses!  (No, when I knew my grandfather, he didn’t live on a farm – rather, in the same small town as I did – but he was a gardener and grew up on a vineyard in Italy so he probably knew what he was talking about.) 
His reasoning was that the two horses were a great team:  they could effectively pull in the same direction because they were matched in their personalities, they had similar yet not identical strengths and were able to make up for each others' weaknesses, they were familiar with each other’s habits and understood what needed to happen with each step they took, they were with each other every day of their lives and were life companions, they could cooperate with each other to meet a common goal.  

OK … people aren’t horses yoked together … but that analogy has some folk wisdom in it.  When getting together and planning the wording of the ceremony with the brides and grooms, one of my favorite statements is when couples describe themselves as great teams.  It always makes me smile and know it is a couple whose marriage will likely be healthy and happy and successful in all ways.

Kent and I are "pulling together" in the King 5 - Best Officiant Poll - to invite you and yours to caste your vote for us at  We are so grateful to everyone who casts a vote for us.  Thank you!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

15 Days to Go -- Make Your Relationship/Your Marriage a Priority

Today, many thanks to Elizabeth for casting your vote for us.  It takes time to do that ... and you made it a priority.  We can assure you that it makes us feel warm and glowing and cared for. it.  Thank you.
When thinking about the priorities in life, I often think of Carolyn Myss.  She uses the example of each of us receiving $100 energy dollars each day.  Then, we spend those dollars:  some we spend in a way that contributes to our health, to our happiness, to our prosperity, to our well-being.  When you chart your energy dollar expenditure, how many do you invest in your primary relationship?  Today, is the perfect time to invest a few more dollars in a creative and fun way.  Enjoy!

If you have a dollar or so to invest in voting for the Best Officiant in the King 5 poll, we would love it.

16 Days to Go - Say Thank You!

Appreciation is evident here!
OK ... I love appreciation.  Who doesn't?

Two words that can go a long way me are a simple, heartfelt “thank you.”   (Yes, those magic words are very powerful.)

According to a 2007 study, researchers from Arizona State University asked married partners and student roommates whether they appreciated the chores done by the other person. While most said they felt gratitude, many hadn't relayed these feelings to their partners, assuming "he or she just knows."

Results also showed individuals who felt appreciated by their partners had less resentment over any imbalance in labor and more satisfaction with their relationships than other study participants did.
Thank you Jeanna Bryner, LiveScience Managing Editor, for the study information on the words "Thank You."

Thank you to going to the King 5 website today and casting your vote!
Thank you for continuing your support!
Thank you for being in our lives!
Thank you for contributing to the love in our world!
Thank you for being a part of loving relationships!
Thank you for making the choice to appreciate the good in life!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Sanders Estate - Tyson and Carrie's Dream Wedding

Carrie and Tyson Wed at Sanders Estate 
It was a true pleasure to both officiate for and celebrate with Carrie and Tyson on their wedding day.

Tasha Owen and her husband, Tom, captured the very essence of the experience. 

Wedding of Tyson and Carrie at Sanders Estate Officiated by Patricia Stimac
The wedding took place at the Arbor
Tyson Listens to Carrie's Vow at Sanders Estate

Tyson and Carrie's eyes locked throughout the ceremony.  It was truly a time when the love they share was evident.

Patricia Stimac pronounes Tyson and Carrie married!

Joy!  That long anticipated moment finally arrived.

Mr. and Mrs!!!

Off they go to sign their marriage documents while the guests enjoy the cocktail hour.

Taking in the moment on the dock at Sanders Estate
The dock at Sanders Estate is the place to dip and kissThere are so many beautiful scenes for make the bride and groom glow.  Here the two hugged and kissed and twirled and dipped.  Like a Monet ...

Kiss and swan - Sanders Estate Dock
Even the swan had to swim by to bless the couple

Groom rows Bride after wedding ceremony at Sanders Estate
Is there anything more romantic than this?
Then it was time to take a turn on the pond under the "Love Umbrella."

Sanders Estate Swing - A perfect photo with the bride and groom

I love this photo! 

Herbs used as table names for Sanders Estate wedding
Each table was named after an herb.

Carrie professionally paints murals and created at the signs at the wedding.
Sign for Tyson and Carrie's wedding at Sanders Estate
Hand painted table cards created by Carrie and Tyson for their wedding at Sanders Estate
The variety and imagination and effort invested in each card
showed Tyson & Carrie's love for their guests

Chagall place card for Patricia Stimac, Seattle Wedding Officiant
Chagall image for my place card

Each couple or family had a hand drawn place card created just for them.  Wow!
Tyson and Carrie's wedding at Sanders Estate - Cake topper
The dip is Tyson and Carrie's signature move
it seems.

The best part was that Tyson and Carrie loved their ceremony.
Carrie married Tyson at Sanders Estate"Fantastic job, Pat!
Our ceremony was truly what we wanted ...
and you helped make our day perfect!"
~Carrie and Tyson

Wishing Tyson and Carrie a long life together filled with happiness and health, prosperity and time to be together, and all good things.

To plan you "fantastic" ceremony, call us at 206-789-9788 or through our website: 

17 Days of King 5 Best Officiant Voting - 17 Tips for a Healthier and Happier Relationship

David and Kristen were married this summer.
Wishing them decades of happiness together!

Time together, both quality and quantity. Love this story. One woman, married 47 years before her husband passed away, disclosed her secret to lifelong love. Every night, when her husband came home from work, they went up to their bedroom and hung a sign on the door that read “Do Not Disturb: Marriage In Progress.” For the following fifteen minutes they’d focus all their attention on one another. No phones, no pets, no distractions; even the kids knew that mom and dad were not to be bothered. When asked what they did in their bedroom, she laughed and said she’d leave that to our imaginations. That was probably best anyway. (Matthew Boggs, Marriage Masters)
Kristen, Lolo and David

We are thankful to be nominated for
Best Officiant in the King 5 Best of Western Washington Poll. It seems we need several hundred votes to place in the top five and more to place first. Currently, we are in sixth place.  Each and every vote is important.  We realize you need to invest your time wisely so please spend some quality time with those you love today ... and if you have a moment after that, we would appreciate your vote.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Details Make The Wedding - Danny & Lucia Make It A Personal Expression

Sahalee Country Club Patio

ucia and Danny wed at the Sahalee Country Club over the weekend.  It was an amazing ceremony and celebration, with so much of their personalities shining through.  Since I was officiating, I don't have many photos of the couple.  Lucas Mobley will provide those in the near future.  Looking forward to seeing them!

Here is where the ceremony took place.  Yes, the color theme was purple.  The garland of hearts strung across the  chairs was crafted just for this purpose.  Isn't it adorable?
As part of the ceremony, there was the blessing of wine.  The kiddish cups were from Danny's family and the wine was crafted by Lucia's family.

Lucia decided to have Mehndi designs on her hands and on her legs.  They weren't obvious yet they made the day even more special.
Aren't her shoes great too?
And purple nail polish, of course!
Mark and Marjorie pointed out the cupids
Before the ceremony, I admired the tablecloth.  Lucia's father, Mark, explained that it had been in the Haggin family for three generations.  It was used at Lucia's grandmother's wedding, his wedding and now his daughter's wedding.

The cut embroidery work was done by hand in Italy.  Here you can see one of the cupids who are part of the overall design.
Loving fabric art, I was impressed by the Keeping Quilt that family and friends united to create under the leadership of Claudia, Lucia's mother.  It was crafted of bits of cloth and pieces of lace gathered of Lucia and Danny's relatives.  It includes Chinese silk, white gloves, tatting, doilies and fabric from cherished toys, as well as materials from both mothers' wedding gowns.  During the ceremony it was part of the chuppah.  Afterwards, it was on display at the reception. 

The detail work and variety of textures and design are lovely.  The bride and groom will certainly treasure this gift.

  Here's Claudia with one of her dear friends, Cathy, who helped create Lucia and Danny's quilt.  (We shared a table at the reception with Cathy and her family.  They are wonderful company!)

Wishing Danny and Lucia, childhood sweethearts and now married couple, a lifetime of happiness together!
Danny is the owner of WA Sound and his company provided the DJ services and the photo booth (always fun).  Other members of their wedding team included:
Kelly Stevenson, Weddings by KLS
Countryside Floral
Lucas Mobley Photography
And, of course, Colleen Todd and the staff at the Sahalee Country Club

If you are planning your ceremony and would like your personalities to be genuinely exrpessed through both the words and the rituals, contact us at 206-789-9788 or through our website:

Friday, September 14, 2012

King 5 Best Officiant of Western Washington Poll - A Heavenly Ceremony

Kent and I are nominated for the Best Officiant of Western Washington in the King 5 Poll.  Voting takes place now through October 12th.  We would so love your vote.

Thank you.