Thursday, January 28, 2010

Brides and Grooms Ask Us About Officiating

Today I spoke with a bride who was so distressed. The ceremony wording was very important to her and the couple wanted to write their own vows. They also were interested in having a rehearsal the day before the wedding.

By the time she called me, she was downhearted. She had spoken to a number of officiants and was told that the ceremony wording was set, that they couldn't write their own vows and/or that they didn't need a rehearsal.

We talked for quite a while. As I affirmed her desires regarding the ceremony, she regained her excitement and reclaimed her dreams about the wording. I could hear the "smile" return to her voice.

So I thought a blog post about our approach and our beliefs was in order.

We believe the ceremony is "the heart" of the wedding day.
We immensely enjoy a co-creative and interactive approach to crafting the wording.
We welcome couples writing their vows and any other part of the ceremony... and being involved in ways that please them.
We greatly value rehearsals.
And, we take great delight when we see a couple's ceremony beautifully unfold.

If this is the type of approach you are looking for, please email us at or give us a call (206)789-9788.

Thanks to Cory Parris for his wonderful photography!

Wishing you the best with your wedding plans!