Thursday, December 30, 2010

Nuptials Exchanged by Brian and Karen at the Alexis Hotel

Karen and Brian enjoy a moment.
Destination weddings are fun! What better place to gather than the Pacific Northwest -- it's beautiful and there's a lot to do whether you are here for a few days ... or a week or two.   Guests traveled from from Florida, South Carolina, and Tennessee, from DC, Ohio and Minnesota to celebrate with Brian and Karen. Everyone seemed to have a great time!

The bride and groom decided on a traditional candle lighting after exchanging their vows.  It is a wonderful way to symbolize their unity, particularly indoors where the candle light warms the room. 
Kent and I always look forward to the vows and then the unity ceremony because there is a special joyful feeling that radiates from the bride and groom.  I smile just looking at this photo. 
And then, Kent pronounced them Mr. and Mrs.  it was time for the kiss!  Everyone was delighted!
You can never have too many kisses!!!  
And then on to the celebratation.  I love cake ... and just looking at this one makes me crave a piece.  It was made by Kelli Morse of Kelli's Creations and the bride and groom gave it a thumbs up for both looks and taste.
Thank you so much for helping us create the perfect ceremony.  It was everything we could have wished for ... and more!   It was a beautiful, personalized, and memorable wedding ceremony.

Kent, thank you so much for performing our ceremony.  You were a big hit!  Everyone commented on how smoothly everything went.  And we could't have been happier. 
Congratulations to the newlyweds!
We hope Karen and Brian enjoy an amazing marriage together, filled with the enthusiasm, joy and excitement that was present on their wedding day!    

Thanks to Oubon Phommavang (Miss Phom) for the photographs.  Other wedding professionals who helped create a wonderful wedding day are the staff of the Alexis Hotel.

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Monday, December 20, 2010

Chris and Donna Share Their Commitment of Love at the Salish Lodge

Oh ... the holidays are the perfect time to share love ... and to celebrate commitment!  I couldn't wait to post this and used photos that I took (I think I need to work on my lighting a bit but you get the idea.)  After the original post, I received photos from Brittany, Donna's daughter, which I added!

Photo by Brittany Marshall

Both the ceremony and the celebration took place in the Falls Terrace Room of Salish Lodge.  It was quite chilly outside and the falls were gushing because of all the rain we have had. 

So being inside with a real fire in the fireplace and tons of candles was so romantic and warm.
Photo by Brittany Marshall
Brittany Marshall Photo
The decorated tree reflected the couple's selection of green and white as their colors.  There was an abundance of white roses, white lights, white table linens and green napkins.

The table settings were exquisite.  Donna's daughter made the paper rose and twig napkin ring, as well as te beads and rose that decorated the favor box.
Photo by Brittany Marshall
I couldn't keep my eyes off the detail and sparkle of it.
Photo by Brittany Marshall
Photo by Brittany Marshall

It was an intimate affair of about 40 people.  Just perfect!! It gave Chris and Donna time to talk with everyone.  Plus, it was a group ready to dance.  I think everyone was on the dance floor.
Photo by Brittany Marshall

What a wonderful evening!  Kent and I are thankful to be part of such a wonderful night.  Wishing Donna and Chris many more years of love and happiness. 

Thanks to the staff at the Salish Lodge and to WaveLink for providing just the right "beat" to the evening.  And to Brittany for the great photos!

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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Trevor and Kristin Celebrate Their Wedding at The Rainier Club

A very classy couple, a very classy setting, a very classy wedding.  Kristin and Trevor are so full of love and care for each other.  Their joy is contagious.

And The Rainier Club suited them perfectly.

Kim and Adam of La Vie Photography created a photojournal of their day that really gives you a feel for their ceremony and their celebration. 

There were so many personal touches that made the day memorable.  One of my favorites is when Kristin's father, Kurt, played his guitar and sang "Annie's Song" to the bride and groom during the ceremony.  Lovely!

All went well!  I believe all the planning turned a dream to a reality that Trevor and Kristin will remember forever!  Wishing the two a life together that is as wonderful as their wedding day.

Thank you very much for a great wedding ceremony. 
It was so wonderful to have you be a part of our special day!
~ Kristin and Trevor

Many people contributed to the day including:
Erica Hoffman of the Rainier Club
Cindy Davisson, a family friend, who coordinated the evening
Tara and Craig Weaver, the string duo
Austin Beaver the MC and DJ
Alexa Johnson of Fiore Blossoms
That Takes the Cake

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Monday, December 6, 2010

Richard and Cindy Wed at Intimate Ceremony in Parsons Garden

Cindy and Richard were very clear about the experience they wanted to have on their wedding day.  They wished to share the day with their families, to enjoy being able to talk and celebrate their good fortune with those who are closest to them, to enjoy a simple and elegant wedding ceremony.

So they selected Parsons Garden in Queen Anne as the site for their ceremony. It is a truly lovely, secluded garden with beautiful landscaping and just blocks from the iconic Seattle views offered by Kerry Park (a very busy and quite public park).

Richard and Cindy entered together.  Cindy proceeded around the circle, gathering flowers from each person to create her bouquet.

Flowers were strewn in the center to define the sacred circle within which they would express their vows.
Keeping with the low-key, elegant feeling, guitar music was presented by Aloha Danny.  (Acoustic guitar is perfect for Parsons Garden because amplification is not allowed.)

Of course, everyone had a great view! 

The Dalai Lama said, “As human beings we all want to be happy ... We have learned that the key to happiness is inner peace."  Richard and Cindy have found peace and happiness with each other and were ready to exchange their marriage vows.

Afterward, it was time to just rejoice and just have fun. 

We wish Cindy and Richard years of happiness together ... years as unique and interesting as their wedding ceremony!

Thanks to J and J Photography for the photographs.

"Thank you for making our day special and magical.  We appreciate all your help!"  
                                 ~ Cindy and Richard

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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

SODO Park Hosts Allen and Rachel's Wedding

Seattle offers great photo opportunities
One of my favorite remembrances from Kent's family are two magnetic Scottie dogs:  one is white and one is black.  We have them on our refrigerator.  Being magnetic, they are attracted (irresistibly) to one another.
How classic - Post Alley.

When I saw Rachel and Allen together, I felt it was the same.  There was a magnetic force that drew them together.  And I noticed the biggest smiles when they looked at each other.  Here are two photos of them.  The sequence reminds me of the Scotties:  two people who are meant to be together.

During the ceremony, the two only had eyes for each other. 

The vows have been spoken, the rings exchanged, Allen and Rachel are wed!

SODO Park is a popular and dramatic wedding venue.  A favorite since it opened!

Coming from two different heritages, the ceremony and the reception reflected both.  Allen and Rachel wanted to honor everyone and to have family and friends feel comfortable.

Yes, there is always time for a kiss!  Those first few after the ceremony are especially sweet.

Don't they look happy!!!! 

"Pat, you were amazing, we couldn't have had a better ceremony.   thank you thank you thank you"
                                   ~Rachel & Allen

The blue of SODO was a perfect background.

The bride, groom and their wedding party were looking good ... and were so very delighted for Allen and Rachel. 

East or West, North or South---weddings are meant to bring people together.  That is exactly what Rachel and Allen's wedding did!

Many thanks to Scott and Jennifer of Red Fish Blue Fish for their wonderful photographs! They really capture the day.

Music was provided by Isaac and JoJo of Bamboo Beats - love 'em.  Great sounds to talk to, great sounds to dine by, great sounds to dance to.  Other wedding professionals who helped make the day special are:
SODO Park and Herban Feast
Lea of Florarama Modern Design
You can never have too many kisses!
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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Ben and Leaha Celebrate the Quintessential Seattle Wedding

This couple decided to wed at the Woodland Park Rose Garden.  Classic!  And, they had photos taken pre-ceremony at the oh-so-wonderful Kerry Park.  Quite the view.  Quite an amazing couple.

The weather was even Seattle weather ... and Ben and Leaha made the most of it!  Love their it-really-doesn't-matter-what-the-weather-is-we-love-each-other attitude.

The wedding party was in high spirits, too ... and they were well prepared.  I really believe umbrellas are a fashion statement!!!

Leaha and Ben invited the cutest littl'uns to be in their wedding party.  Love this photo.

Woodland Park's Rose Garden is near where Leaha and Ben live. During free moments, they like to walk the few short blocks to the very place where they wed.  It is a quiet and beautiful retreat … and they always enjoy their time there.  It is a place where they can just be themselves and be together, a place that nourishes them individually and as a couple.  It was the perfect place for them to wed.

Here comes the groom and his parents.  Big smiles all around!

Ceremonies usually take place right in front of the gazebo (you can see it behind Kent's head).   That is where Ben and Leaha chose to exchange their wedding vows too!

The expression on Leaha's face says it all!

Then the kiss (always a favorite part of the ceremony).

And now that long awaited day when the two are husband and wife has arrived.  Ben and Leaha are married!!!!

I got to know Leaha and Ben through premarital sessions.  They are wonderful individuals and a great couple.  We hold them in the highest regard and wish for them all the best.

Many thanks to Patrick Love for the photographs. They capture the spirit of the day!

Others who helped make the day a memorable one are:
DJ: Luke Reneau

I truly enjoy getting to know brides and grooms through the premarital series of sessions.  It helps me understand better who each of them is and what is important to them as a couple.  As a result, their ceremony better reflects what they wanted to express to each other and to their family and friends.

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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Ian Weds Olivia at Hidden Meadows

The day was brilliant.  Blue skies, a few billowly white clouds, sun, warmth  -- it was if the Mother Earth was celebrating the union of Olivia and Ian.

Bride and groom were glowing!  And you can just see the love between the two.

The groomsmen gathered and just enjoyed each other's company before the ceremony.  

(We help coordinate with the other wedding professionals before the ceremony and organize the procession so the wedding party can just enjoy themselves.)

The ladies were taking in the moment too.  I love this photo!

Olivia looked stunning!  Her dress, hair, jewelry, makeup --- it all came together beautifully.

Each wrote their own vows.

Here is an excerpts of their words:

Ian said to Olivia:
You are my sun
You are my moon
You are the stillness in the night
You made me who I am
You changed me for the better
Now my heart is unlocked
And it is yours forever
We will be until the end of time

Olivia expressed to Ian:
The love we have is indescribable to the world.
There have been bumps, rocks, cliffs and mountains
  on our journey to this day
which brings our new beginning to our present and future life,
  making a new past as well.
We still hold hand in hand, heart in heart, after all this time.

And so the two were wed!  May their love open the way to share the amazing experiences of daily life.

Photographs were provided by Deborah and avid Kruse of Kruse Portraits
Catering:  Brown’s Catering

Love is a miraculous force of life. It opens our hearts, it provides strength to face the uncertainties and challenges, it offers a way to share the amazing experiences of daily life.  

Personal words bring a ceremony to life.  For help finding just the right words for you, call us at 206.789.9788 or through our website