Monday, December 31, 2012

The Ultimate Wedding - Andrew & Jillian Marry at The Canal

Jillian and Andrew pose with ultimate frisbees

Ready for Ultimate? 

Jillian (a National Ultimate Frisbee Champion) and Andrew say "yes" to marriage in September 2012.

Andrew and Jillian throw their frisbees 

Andrew's groomsmen wish him well 

The guys were happy for Andrew:  he was the man of the day!
Andrew is very happy on his wedding day! 

he ladies had their bouquets and their "oh so chic" sunglasses.

(Loved the aqua and orange color theme of the wedding.)
Bridesmaids with bouquets and Jillian, all with orange sunglasses
Her bridesmaids watch Jillian throw an Ultimate Frisbee

Jillian was in fine form!

Together, the team was good to go!

Alternating frisbees of orange and blue.

Andrew and Jillian's wedding ceremony on The Canal's patio

On to the ceremony ...
It was a beautiful day so it took place on the patio.  Jillian's twin nieces were the most adorable flower girls.
The flowergirls and Jillian checking out her bouquet.  Cute!

Two of the couple's friends - Leah and Lisa - shared a few memories about Jillian and Andrew's relationship.  They really added a personal touch to the ceremony.

Lisa and Leah present anecdotes of Andrew and Jillian at their ceremony

The wedding ceremony of Andrew and Jillian at The Canal  
Then, the bride and groom shared vows they wrote:  funny, touching, loving, memorable!  

Andrew and Jillian are married at The Canal

Mr. and Mrs. made their way to the entrance of The Canal and made their marriage legal.  Their sisters were the witnesses, which made it a special moment.

The two were pleased with their ceremony:
Thank you so much!  The ceremony was perfect - though it seemed to go by so quickly.  Andrew and I have only heard great things about you from our guests.  ~ Jillian and Andrew

Jillian and Andrew sit outside The Canal with their sisters, holding their marriage certificate

Jillian and Andrew pose with their wedding party.

Wishing Jillian and Andrew a world-class marriage, filled with all the delights and happiness of life and love.

And thanks to their team of wedding professionals:
The staff at The Canal
Photography by Richard Kent
Flowers by Kathy Krekow Moe
Cake by their friend, Megan

We love officiating for great couples like these two!  If you are planning a ceremony in 2013, give us a call at 206-789-9788 or contact us through our website:

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