Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Wedding Details + Great Couple = Amazing Day!

Kaley and Joel are a thoughtful couple.  They dedicated time to creating a personal ceremony that represented the two of them, as well as their heritages and interests.  The mothers and grandmother and I were invited to call in the six directions plus our inner selves, a friend smudged the area and the guests, another friend rang a Tibetan bowl.  It all came together to create a sacred space within which the bride and groom exchanged their written-from-the-heart vows.  Kaley's brother, Ben, presented a reading by Wendell Berry and Joel's sister, Jennifer, read an excerpt from "A Gift From the Sea" plus  parents affirmed their blessings for the union.

Joel and Kaley have their "first look" at Fireseed      Photo by Patricia Stimac
Kaley walking toward Joel for their first look at Fireseed   Photo by Patricia Stimac 
The wedding took place at Fireseed on Whidbey Island.  Joel was waiting as Kaley arrived.  They had their "first look" near the entrance to the ceremony area.  

The ceremony took place in a lawn with a pond in the background and an unbelievably great garden to right.  The setting contributed to the organic feel to the wedding.
Ceremony site at Fireseed      Photo by Patricia Stimac
Fireseed - Outdoor Bar     Photo by Patricia Stimac

Then, on to the "cocktail hour" while photos were taken with family and friends.  It was the perfect time to relax, socialize, and create a message to the couple.

Invitation to create a message for the bride and groom    Photo by Patricia Stimac
Creative alternative
to a traditional guest book

Classic sky blue typewriter       Photo by Patricia Stimac
The typewriter brought back
memories of my college years!

Isn't this classic?  Like I said, the details for the wedding were thorough and fun.  Love the color of the typewriter.  I enjoyed creating a Word Design with the typewriter and then drawing several trees to frame the words.
Vintage suitcase for wedding cards   Photo by Patricia Stimac

This vintage suitcase framed a photo of the bride and groom and offered a place to leave cards.

Then inside the reception hall for dinner.

Fireseed's reception hall     Photo by Patricia Stimac
Fireseed reception hall
Decorations made from vintage handerchiefs   Photo by Patricia Stimac
I appreciated the handkerchiefs

Details again!  Kaley found vintage handkerchiefs and knotted them together to form the decoration to the entrance to the hall.

Garlands created by photos   Photo by Patricia Stimac
Garlands of good memories

Inside, the walls were strung with heart-shaped photos of Joel, Kaley, their family, their friends, their loves in life.

A table of cakes to celebrate a wedding    Photo by Patricia Stimac
Delectable collection of desserts.  Yum!

Guests sat at long tables, no assigned sitting, which contributed to the free spirit and family feeling of the dinner.

This was followed by a selection of cakes!!!  (A tradition we first experienced when we attended a family wedding in Norway.)  There was even a gluten free banana cake covered in chocolate.  Thank you very much.  Isn't that a nice detail.

Photo by Patricia Stimac     Miniloafs and jam made by the bride.
Miniloaves and jam were the favors --
handmade by the bride.

Jam and miniloaves made by the bride    Photo by Patricia Stimac

Plus, there were homemade favors, created by Kaley!!!

Details, details, details.  The couple's love was conveyed from all the personal touches that made their wedding one to remember.

Wishing Kaley and Joel a long life together filled with loving details.

And "hats off" to the great wedding team the couple assembled. So many friends contributed their talents:  Blair arranged the sound, Richard "sung" the Tibetan Bowl, Melissa was the lead organizer.  Even the cakes were masterfully crafted by a friend.  In addition, the staff at Fireseed was great.

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