Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Matt and Aleah's Wedding -- Photographs That Capture Their Day

Hidden Meadows - Sunset - Matt & Aleah

Joe and Jill Hein of Joe Plus Jill did wonderful work capturing Aleah and Matt's wedding at Hidden Meadows.  

Thought you would enjoy seeing their work!

Aleah surrounded by her bridesmaids at Hidden Meadows

The ladies were all primped and looking beautiful.

Matt with his groomsmen at Hidden Meadows   Photo by Joe+Jill

The men was quite dashing and ready for the big event.

Hidden Meadows has so many areas that can be settings for memorable wedding images.  It was obviously a Pacific Northwest perfect day too.
Aleah & Matt plus wedding party at Hidden Meadows  Photo by Joe+Jill

Hidden Meadows wedding -- Chalkboard    Photo by Joe+Jill

Loved the chalkboard list of the guys and gals in the wedding party, as well as a short overview of the evening.

Stadium Flowers line the aisle at Hidden Meadows wedding  Photo by Joe+Jill

Flowers hanging from shepherd's hooks along the aisle were just the right touch.

The wedding rings of Matt and Aleah on a heart    Photo by Joe+Jill

All was in ready for the ceremony:
  rings tied to a heart, naturally,
  and the sand and containers in wait 
  for the unity sand ceremony.

Sand ceremony set -- Matt & Aleah's wedding    Photo by Joe+Jill

When the ceremony takes place outdoors, sand is a wonderful alternative to a unity candle lighting.

Wedding kiss -- Matt and Aleah -- Hidden Meadows     Photo by Joe+Jill


Everyone was so happy for the bride and groom.  Cheers and applause all around!

Kent Buttars signs Aleah and Matt's marriage certificate   Photo by Joe+Jill

Then, time to make it all legal.  This is one of those very special moments.  The public ceremony was complete.  Matt and Aleah have a quieter moment to take it all in.  The two are then socially and legally married. 

A beautiful sunset on a wonderful day! 
 Wishing Matt and Aleah a lifetime of beautiful sunsets and even more wonderful days!!

Hidden Meadows   Matt and Aleah are married    Photo by Joe+Jill

Hidden Meadows -- Matt & Aleah silhouetted by a beautiful sunset    Photo by Jill+Joe

Aleah and Matt's wedding team included:
Caterer:  Cabbage Patch
DJ:  Otto Olson
Florist:  Stadium Flowers
Photographers:  Joe + Jill

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