Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Details Make the Wedding, Details Make the Marriage

As I was writing the blog post about Kaley and Joel's wedding, it lead right into the Marriage Tip of the Day.  Just as details convey the thoughtfulness and love of the bride and groom and the experience they wish to create for their family and friends, so do details in a marriage.  They serve the same purpose:  a mindfulness and a sense of caring which contribute to a loving experience.

A Heavenly Ceremony, Seattle Wedding Officiants -- Patricia Stimac and Kent Buttars,
Kent and I used to live on a sail boat --
we learned to work together!

Thinking back over the day, there were so many loving details.  Kent was doing a sleep apnea test last night so I was especially careful when I joined him in bed so as not to disturb his sleep.  We settled in on the couch this morning to share our dreams over a cup of coffee (Kent), a cup of hot water (me).

We made lunch and dinner together.  Kent cleaned our brushes and moved the heavy ladders after we finished painting for the day.  I washed the area to be painted tomorrow.

We shared organic dark chocolate covered raisins for dessert after dinner and watched part of a Midsomer mystery.  I wrote the blog posts tonight.  Kent is in the process of cleaning up our database.

All these are small things in themselves yet they are the details of our lives.  Some of the activities took more effort than others but all are important.  Together they formed the sense of appreciation and love we have for each other.

What are some of the favorite "details" of your marriage/your relationships?

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