Thursday, October 4, 2012

8 Days to Vote for Best Officiant in the King 5 Poll and Marriage Tip of the Day

Kent and I participated in the open house at The Sanctuary on Admiral.  I was feeling a bit under the weather before we left (nothing serious  --  no worries).  But the thought of not going was too sad!!  We always have such a good time.  Davi Sobotta, the Venue Manager, makes things fun!

The Flower Lab's Fall Decorations at The Sanctuary at Admiral
On arrival, we were stunned by The Flower Lab's visual treat of fall foliage.  Wow!! 

Then we were greeted by the sound of live music.  There were two bands.  Gertrude's Hearse played upstairs. 

Here's a review from The Stranger on them.  
"Gertrude’s Hearse is a band hailing from Skagit Valley, Washington. The band consists of Raymond John, Yusuf Kilgore, Matt Clausen, Keith Stone, Tim Daniels and numerous special guest musicians. In just a five year period, they have built an outstanding repertoire of music ranging from folk, country, and rock, to bluegrass, R&B, and punk. No one else has their style, their energy, or their theme. Gertrude’s Hearse has the flexibility and versatility to perform with some or all of its members, catering readily to the more intimate as an acoustic-style duo/trio or elaborate with an all-out rock & roll 7+ piece grandstand-style band."  

Gertrude's Hearse Performing at The Sanctuary at Admiral
Their tag line is "++rock n' roll undertakers putting the fun back in FUNeral."  I think there is a theme emerging.

Meanwhile, Rob and Friends performed in the Speakeasy.  (Sorry, no review here except I really enjoyed listening to and singing along with them -- it's ok, we were encouraged to join in.)  It was a lot of fun.

The live music really made the event.  And when you couple that with some the best caterers in Seattle (Foodz, Herban Feast, Portage Bay Cafe, Ravishing Radish and Skillet) plus High 5 Pies and cakes by Baked, I was feeling great.

High 5 Pie "Eat More Pie" Sign
Katie and Joshua Studios provided cinematography, Blue Door Foto was also there, along with Fun Frames Photo BoothGrand Event provided the rentals and linens. 

When Kent and I were talking about the topic for the Marriage Tip for the Day, Kent suggested "relax and enjoy."  So that's it.  There is so much happiness around us and when Kent and I open ourselves to relaxation, we have a good time!   Thank you, Davi, and thank you, everyone, who made tonight great fun!

Oh, it certainly would make our day even more enjoyable if you sashayed over to the King 5 website and cast a vote for your very favorite wedding officiants.  Just click here!  Many thanks.

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