Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Three Days to Vote for Best Officiant - King 5 and Marriage Tip of the Day

Sorrento Hotel
Today, we heard from people who just voted for us.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!  It is nearing the close of another wonderful wedding season and it is a great time to hear words of appreciation.  If you are so inclined, cast your vote!  It would fill our "cup of appreciation" even more.

Kent and I were busy with "office work" this morning and then did some exterior painting this afternoon.  Kent did most of the trim work on the house, which involved moving the ladder a lot and he painted two colors at a time.  (I was impressed.  When I do that, the colors always run together.)

A few hours into painting -- after he had completed the trim on the part of the house we were focusing on -- he let me know he was tired and was stopping for the day.  He went into the kitchen and popped the chicken into the oven so when I had reached my point of personal completion, there was a warm meal waiting for me. :)

When we talked about it later, Kent said that he had reached a point where it just wasn't much fun: he was tired and cold and hungry.  He noticed that (huge personal awareness step) and decided to do the rest tomorrow.

We both felt good.  I did what I wanted, Kent did too and we are making good progress on our project.  It makes sense to be aware of individual needs, to communicate about them, and to take care of ourselves.

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