Wednesday, October 24, 2012

A Halloween Tale of Love and Marriage

 whitney and Alli

We met Alli and Whitney at the Sanctuary at Admiral's open house earlier this year.  (We love open houses!) All of us were enjoying the evening:  food, music, entertainment, good company.  It was a memorable evening and we looked forward to getting to know the two... and to help them plan a great ceremony. 
Wedding dress 
 Alli selected the perfect dress for her!  She looked gorgeous in it.

The entire wedding party looked great!

Shabby chic wedding program

Whitney and Alli are creative people.  They worked with Aaron Bloom to create the right look for their wedding programs and with Bella Signature Events for the overall design of the wedding, which had a "shabby chic" quality.

The ceremony took place in front of the stage, framed by a glittery half-circle garland. Alex Ho provided the cello music.
Alli and Whitney's wedding ceremony at the Sanctuary at Admiral

The bride and her parentsOne of my favorite parts of the ceremony was when Alli and Whitney presented calla lilies to their mothers.  Calla lilies were the favorite flower of Alli's grandmother, Angela, so they had sentimental meaning for Alli.  They connect three generations of women in her family.  Alli also loves how calla lilies are so often depicted in Diego Rivera’s vibrant artwork.  The images of the flowers being so visually interesting and symbolically rich.

Whitney and Alli's wedding ceremony had moments of light heart

nd, of course, the story of how they met. It was love at first sight around Halloween.  They worked next door to each other and wore costumes the entire month of October. So many happy memories!

Bella Signature Design arranged the decor for Alli and Whitney's wedding 

Then, on to the cocktail hour while the room was reset for the reception.  The space looked absolutely beautiful!

Pat and Kent - four photo booth picutres 

Kent and I always enjoy photo booths.  What can be more fun?  Love my new eye wear ... and Kent was dashing in his black hat.  Thank you Happymatic Photo Booth!

We are certain Whitney and Alli were meant for each other.  You could see them light up whenever they are together.  It was a joy to share their wedding day with them.   Their ceremony concluded with well wishes for a happy marriage, part of which was:

"May your journey together from this day forward be blessed always.
 May your steps be guided by the love you have found in one another ..."

Whitney and Alli, dimples and more dimples
We are back from a wonderful honeymoon.  Thank you so much for the absolutely beautiful ceremony and for helping us make our wedding day so special.  Whitney and I and our families were very touched by your words!  Thank you for everything!
                                         ~  Whitney and Alli

Alli and Whitney gathered a great wedding team:
Davi Sobotta and The Sanctuary at Admiral
Catering by Herban Feast
Music by Alex Ho 
Photography by Stephanie Guerrero
Photo booth by Happymatic
Wedding ceremony program design by Aaron Bloom 

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Alli CO said...

Thank you so much Pat. It was such an amazing day! Whitney and I will treasure it always! XO!!

Patricia Stimac said...

I agree!! I really enjoyed getting to know you and being part of your "day!" It was amazing!!