Thursday, October 11, 2012

Hours to Vote in the King 5 Best Officiant Poll - THANK YOU ALL!

Ummm ... a sigh of happiness and of a good day drawing to a close.  Today is 10-11-12 and one of the last dates of numerical significance for the year.  We officiated a few weddings and enjoyed taking part in both the ceremonies themselves and in recognizing the auspicious date.   (12-12-12, of course is drawing ever closer.)

It is just hours before the polls close in the King 5 Best of Western Washington voting.

As I read over the names of people who have taken the time to vote for us, I can recognize many of them or the photographs  (some of the abbreviations, though, are difficult to cipher).  I wish there was a way to immediately thank each person as you vote.  Perhaps in the years to come. 

Please know how very much it means to us.  Thank you!
Muchas gracias!
Arigatou gozaimasu!
Maraming salamat!
Cám ơn!
and in so many other languages!

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