Monday, February 25, 2013

Wedding Invite Party for Molly and Greg

I'd like to introduce one of our very amazing nieces - Molly - and her soon-to-be husband, Greg.  Yes, Molly is quite happy that Greg is focused on doing his part to create their wedding invites!

Most of the time, Molly herself was very focused.  Her father, Mike, thought he would create some art with the sunflower design residue.  So perhaps this would be titled "Sunflower Voids and Molly."

And, here's the kitchen crew:  my future inlaw (I think that's the relationship or close enough), Cheryl, me and my sister, Jeanne.  A crew is only as good as the food served.  We had really good food!

All in all, 15 folks (family and wedding party members) showed up to make the bride and groom's (well, mainly the bride's) invite ideas a reality.  We have a small house and there were people everywhere.  It was so much fun!

Here, Cheryl, Kent and Gary (Cheryl and Gary are Greg''s parents) are doing their part.  Greg trimmed the cardstock, Kent helped cut the shape, Cheryl prepared the burlap. There was true community spirit.

Molly stayed in touch with everyone.  Tea (in the photo) and Christina are friends from high school who added embellishment cut-outs and raffia ties.  Both really added to the artistry of the finished project.

Friends from SU (Winny, Jen and Caitlin) focused on addressing the envelopes, which looked great.

Kathryn, another of our talented nieces, helped with the burlap too. Then, she braved the outdoors to assist Molly with the gluing.

Molly really settled into the gluing.  It was a truly messy job ... but she did great!

Next step, punch the holes for the raffia ties.   Kent took to our very messy basement for this part of the job.  He and Mike did great in his subterranean man cave.

Step by step, the invites came together.  Greg was quite happy!!!  (And Molly said they turned out better than she expected ...  I wonder what she was expecting?!)

Would like to share the design ... but have to keep it secret for a bit. 

Great job everyone!

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