Saturday, February 16, 2013

Wedding Ceremony Programs: To Have or Not to Have?

Look at this cute and creative wedding ceremony program - posted by Patricia Stimac, Seattle Wedding Officiant
You're getting married and thinking about the wedding ceremony.  Do you want a program?  Should you have one?

From observation, most couples do have some type of program.  It can be a simple one- page creation that includes the highlights of the ceremony, the names of the parents and wedding party and officiant, and possibly a word of thanks.

Or it can be a more comprehensive one that provides information about the entire evening and is several pages in length.  This post features a program from Darcie and Neal's wedding last month.  It was so creative and clever.

The satin gold bow adds a touch of elegance, as do the flourishes and frames.

Wedding ceremony program - Posted by A Heavenly Ceremony

The first section outlines the ceremony (of course, I like this section because it gives the guests some idea of the ceremony highlights).

Wedding program includes adorable drawings of wedding party - Posted by A Heavenly Ceremony

The next section introduces Neal and Darcie's grandparents and parents, the wedding party and me as the officiant.  

Drawings of the couple and each attendant, plus the flower girl and B. Bear, a stuffed ring bearer, introducsd each of the key people. 

Absolutely adorable!!!

Wedding program includes the evening's timeline - Posted by A Heavenly Ceremony

Then on to the timeline of the evening!

And the best part is that the wedding was just as elegant and fun as the program ... and that's the most important part!

Thanks to Darcie and Neal for sharing their programs and to Julie Harmsen for her photographs.

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