Sunday, November 21, 2010

Ben and Leaha Celebrate the Quintessential Seattle Wedding

This couple decided to wed at the Woodland Park Rose Garden.  Classic!  And, they had photos taken pre-ceremony at the oh-so-wonderful Kerry Park.  Quite the view.  Quite an amazing couple.

The weather was even Seattle weather ... and Ben and Leaha made the most of it!  Love their it-really-doesn't-matter-what-the-weather-is-we-love-each-other attitude.

The wedding party was in high spirits, too ... and they were well prepared.  I really believe umbrellas are a fashion statement!!!

Leaha and Ben invited the cutest littl'uns to be in their wedding party.  Love this photo.

Woodland Park's Rose Garden is near where Leaha and Ben live. During free moments, they like to walk the few short blocks to the very place where they wed.  It is a quiet and beautiful retreat … and they always enjoy their time there.  It is a place where they can just be themselves and be together, a place that nourishes them individually and as a couple.  It was the perfect place for them to wed.

Here comes the groom and his parents.  Big smiles all around!

Ceremonies usually take place right in front of the gazebo (you can see it behind Kent's head).   That is where Ben and Leaha chose to exchange their wedding vows too!

The expression on Leaha's face says it all!

Then the kiss (always a favorite part of the ceremony).

And now that long awaited day when the two are husband and wife has arrived.  Ben and Leaha are married!!!!

I got to know Leaha and Ben through premarital sessions.  They are wonderful individuals and a great couple.  We hold them in the highest regard and wish for them all the best.

Many thanks to Patrick Love for the photographs. They capture the spirit of the day!

Others who helped make the day a memorable one are:
DJ: Luke Reneau

I truly enjoy getting to know brides and grooms through the premarital series of sessions.  It helps me understand better who each of them is and what is important to them as a couple.  As a result, their ceremony better reflects what they wanted to express to each other and to their family and friends.

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