Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Ryan and Julianne Travel to Seattle to Wed at the Woodmark Hotel

You could say it started on the playground
  about four years ago
  doing what we both love to do.
You could say it started in the hallway
  you smiled and said "Hey" and that was it ...
I don't believe in love at first sight.
I never believed in fairy tales ...

The words above are the lyrics to the first verse of a song Julianne created with her good friend, Kimberly.  It describes the history and feelings Julianne and Ryan share.  

Julianne's bracelet is a chic accent.

It was a gift ... and a surprise for Ryan.  Kimberly performed the song entitled Then There was You during the ceremony while Ryan and Julianne listened, standing hand in hand.  

The tent at the Woodmark Hotel is truly elegant.

The bride and groom decided to celebrate their wedding at the Woodmark Hotel for a number of reasons.  They both love the water, they wanted an elegant, peaceful place and some where that had meaning for them. 

It so happens that Ryan attended the Puget Sound Adventist Academy, which is right up the hill from the hotel, and his high school graduation dinner took place there too.

Julianne and Ryan spoke personal words to each other.  I loved it.  What could be better! 

Everyone was so happy for Rayn and Julianne.  Before the ceremony, you could feel the joy of those in the process.  After the ceremony, that joy exploded.  A very happy group of people.

If possible, I find it works well to sign the marriage documents right after the ceremony.  It gives the couple a few minutes to take in the ceremony.  Then they can join the cocktail hour ... or wait to be formally introduced at the beginning of the reception.

"Thank you so much for making our wedding day special!  It's hard to know where to start because we feel you contributed to so many aspects of the wedding!

That's all I can say and over.  We really appreciated your demeanor and calm leadership.  We had such a great time and could relax and look forward to sharing the words and metaphors wit friends and family."
~  Julianne and Ryan

To provide a bit of historical context, the first time Julianne saw Ryan, her friend commented that she should marry him.  Now, those words are true (who says words don't have power).  Both feel so lucky to have the other in their lives.  Wishing Ryan and Julianne an amazing life together, filled with many happy adventures.

Photos are compliments of Brandon Witzel, who Julianne and Ryann highly recommend.

The couple also gives two thumbs up to Stephanie Wilson of Every Last Detail, their wedding planner, and Steven King, their award-winning guitarist.

Couples who live outside the Pacific Northwest and who plan to marry here will find distance is not a problem when planning their ceremony.  We can Skype and talk via the phone ... or communicate by email (email is my friend).  We have created ceremony with brides and grooms from Italy, Germany, Japan and across te Unite States.  Give us a call at 206.789.9788 or contact us through our website www.aheavenlyceremony.com.

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