Thursday, November 18, 2010

Ian Weds Olivia at Hidden Meadows

The day was brilliant.  Blue skies, a few billowly white clouds, sun, warmth  -- it was if the Mother Earth was celebrating the union of Olivia and Ian.

Bride and groom were glowing!  And you can just see the love between the two.

The groomsmen gathered and just enjoyed each other's company before the ceremony.  

(We help coordinate with the other wedding professionals before the ceremony and organize the procession so the wedding party can just enjoy themselves.)

The ladies were taking in the moment too.  I love this photo!

Olivia looked stunning!  Her dress, hair, jewelry, makeup --- it all came together beautifully.

Each wrote their own vows.

Here is an excerpts of their words:

Ian said to Olivia:
You are my sun
You are my moon
You are the stillness in the night
You made me who I am
You changed me for the better
Now my heart is unlocked
And it is yours forever
We will be until the end of time

Olivia expressed to Ian:
The love we have is indescribable to the world.
There have been bumps, rocks, cliffs and mountains
  on our journey to this day
which brings our new beginning to our present and future life,
  making a new past as well.
We still hold hand in hand, heart in heart, after all this time.

And so the two were wed!  May their love open the way to share the amazing experiences of daily life.

Photographs were provided by Deborah and avid Kruse of Kruse Portraits
Catering:  Brown’s Catering

Love is a miraculous force of life. It opens our hearts, it provides strength to face the uncertainties and challenges, it offers a way to share the amazing experiences of daily life.  

Personal words bring a ceremony to life.  For help finding just the right words for you, call us at 206.789.9788 or through our website

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