Wednesday, November 24, 2010

SODO Park Hosts Allen and Rachel's Wedding

Seattle offers great photo opportunities
One of my favorite remembrances from Kent's family are two magnetic Scottie dogs:  one is white and one is black.  We have them on our refrigerator.  Being magnetic, they are attracted (irresistibly) to one another.
How classic - Post Alley.

When I saw Rachel and Allen together, I felt it was the same.  There was a magnetic force that drew them together.  And I noticed the biggest smiles when they looked at each other.  Here are two photos of them.  The sequence reminds me of the Scotties:  two people who are meant to be together.

During the ceremony, the two only had eyes for each other. 

The vows have been spoken, the rings exchanged, Allen and Rachel are wed!

SODO Park is a popular and dramatic wedding venue.  A favorite since it opened!

Coming from two different heritages, the ceremony and the reception reflected both.  Allen and Rachel wanted to honor everyone and to have family and friends feel comfortable.

Yes, there is always time for a kiss!  Those first few after the ceremony are especially sweet.

Don't they look happy!!!! 

"Pat, you were amazing, we couldn't have had a better ceremony.   thank you thank you thank you"
                                   ~Rachel & Allen

The blue of SODO was a perfect background.

The bride, groom and their wedding party were looking good ... and were so very delighted for Allen and Rachel. 

East or West, North or South---weddings are meant to bring people together.  That is exactly what Rachel and Allen's wedding did!

Many thanks to Scott and Jennifer of Red Fish Blue Fish for their wonderful photographs! They really capture the day.

Music was provided by Isaac and JoJo of Bamboo Beats - love 'em.  Great sounds to talk to, great sounds to dine by, great sounds to dance to.  Other wedding professionals who helped make the day special are:
SODO Park and Herban Feast
Lea of Florarama Modern Design
You can never have too many kisses!
To plan a wedding ceremony to celebrate your love and also honors and brings together the key people in your world, call us at 206.789.9788 or contact us through out website

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