Monday, December 20, 2010

Chris and Donna Share Their Commitment of Love at the Salish Lodge

Oh ... the holidays are the perfect time to share love ... and to celebrate commitment!  I couldn't wait to post this and used photos that I took (I think I need to work on my lighting a bit but you get the idea.)  After the original post, I received photos from Brittany, Donna's daughter, which I added!

Photo by Brittany Marshall

Both the ceremony and the celebration took place in the Falls Terrace Room of Salish Lodge.  It was quite chilly outside and the falls were gushing because of all the rain we have had. 

So being inside with a real fire in the fireplace and tons of candles was so romantic and warm.
Photo by Brittany Marshall
Brittany Marshall Photo
The decorated tree reflected the couple's selection of green and white as their colors.  There was an abundance of white roses, white lights, white table linens and green napkins.

The table settings were exquisite.  Donna's daughter made the paper rose and twig napkin ring, as well as te beads and rose that decorated the favor box.
Photo by Brittany Marshall
I couldn't keep my eyes off the detail and sparkle of it.
Photo by Brittany Marshall
Photo by Brittany Marshall

It was an intimate affair of about 40 people.  Just perfect!! It gave Chris and Donna time to talk with everyone.  Plus, it was a group ready to dance.  I think everyone was on the dance floor.
Photo by Brittany Marshall

What a wonderful evening!  Kent and I are thankful to be part of such a wonderful night.  Wishing Donna and Chris many more years of love and happiness. 

Thanks to the staff at the Salish Lodge and to WaveLink for providing just the right "beat" to the evening.  And to Brittany for the great photos!

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Old traditional, Christmas time, white.. winterwhite. What can I say it made me cry.