Monday, March 28, 2011

Home in Normandy Park is a Perfect Place for Ryan and Khanitha to Celebrate Their Wedding Ceremony

The garden was perfect for classic wedding photos!
I feel so fortunate!  Kent and I often officiate at wedding ceremonies that are held in absolutely beautiful and/or unique wedding venues.  It feels like we are honored guests in so many places ... and we are very grateful.

We also are invited into homes - both grand and simple - to celebrate wedding ceremonies among an intimate circle of family and very close friends.  This weekend I was delighted to be a part of Khanitha and Ryan's wedding at his parent's home. 

Family members got together the day before the wedding and as a team decorated the living room (it was used for the ceremony and then reset for the reception dinner).  Loved the chair decor!

And this is how it looked at the dinner.

Since Khanitha is from Thailand, the couple selected Thai Siam to cater the event.  The bride and groom sampled food at various restaurants in the area and judged this restaurant (located to close to me in Ballard) to be the most authentic.  (During the cocktail hour, the chicken skewers with peanut sauce were my favorite - they were tender, had a rich, creamy taste without the sauce and were truly yummy when both were combined.  Can't wait to bring Kent there!)

Upon entering, guests were greeted by this site.  Ryan explained how he and Khanitha visited a bridal area in Thailand, where you can select clothing and have your photo taken in a wedding-like setting.
Hair pieces are so popular now. 
I like how this one gives the impression of being a veil.

Khanitha is both beautiful and warm-hearted.  We had a chance to talk just before the ceremony and she was rehearsing the words she wanted to share with Ryan during the ceremony.

Here's the whole gang! Asked everyone to just be creative in their expressions.  They were very nice about it. 

Family is obviously so important to the two.  The younger men found ways to amuse themselves and to enjoy just being around each other.

After the formal photos, Khanitha and Ryan were determining who was going to be the "boss" in their relationship.  (They were actually just being playful.)

The two are obviously looking forward to their life together!  What better thing is there than to find that person to share life with?  Wishing them long life, continued happiness and unbounded love!!
Sheena Kalso of The Invisible Hostess made sure everything ran smoothly and that the dinner settings looked gorgeous.
Food for the cocktail hour and the reception was provided by Thai Siam.

If you're hosting your wedding ceremony at your home and would like to have a truly wonderful wedding ceremony, give us a call at 206.789.9788 or contact us through our website.

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