Sunday, April 3, 2011

John and Chris Found a Unique Place to Wed in Bonney Lake

Kent and I have often officiated in the Bonney Lake area.  Last weekend I learned about a place "new" to us but an established part of the area:  the Swiss Sportsmen's Club

Chris and John live nearby but they weren't aware of it either.  Thankfully, a friend, who is also a realtor, shared his find.  The couple needed a space to accommodate about 200 and to do so on a budget.  The Sportsmen's Club was perfect.

It is large enough, has its own kitchen (John's mom and friends catered the rehearsal dinner using it), a bar area (which served a beer John himself brewed), a large bride's room and plenty of parking.

Lovely Other Dragons do love to shop,
especially for shoes as cute as these!

The ceremony was poignant and touching.  John's sister, Angie, presented a reading entitled "Maybe ... " and Chris's fourth grade teacher, Nancy, read an excerpt from Edward Monkton's A Lovely Love Story.

In this very funny and cute love story, the main characters are a fierce male dragon and a lovely female dragon.
Wedding dresses can help keep the bride WARM!
Thankfully, there were some dry, but chilly moments when formal outside photographs were taken.

And, to just take in the fact that John and Chris are married!!!

I loved how the couple had so much support in making their day special:  everyone chipped in to decorate the hall, Chris's Aunt Janice handpainted signs for the cupcakes, for the piano and for the "Mr. and Mrs," plus Janice and Nancy painted all the lanterns used for the table centerpieces.  It truly was a community event.

The bride and groom decided to make their wedding memorable with food and beverage favorites:  brick oven pizza from Inferno Catering, pickles put up by John's mother as part of an antipasto plate, cupcakes from Hello Cupcake and beer (both John's brew and three selections of Rocky Coulee beer made in Chris's home town of Odessa).  The guests were all smiling.

So the Dragon and the Lovely Other Dragon sealed the deal with one more kiss and became Mr. and Mrs!
Wishing the two a life-time of happiness!!!

" Thank you so much for being at the wedding. We had such a great time, and in the midst of all the craziness, it wonderful to have someone as calm as you.  We had tons of compliments about you (even from people from Odessa, who are hard to impress!)"                                   
~ Chris and John
John and Chris had very good things to say about all the wedding professionals who helped make their day special.  When the wedding needed to be rescheduled because Chris's mom passed away just days before their scheduled celebration, the wedding professionals were very supportive in adjusting to the new date.  "They are such great reminders that there are still wonderful people in the world!"

Kudos to Eric Ross of ECR Photography (for letting me tag along and snap these pics).  Chris has known Eric and his family since she was young.  She used to babysit for his children!  She described him as "great," a true professional.

Jennifer Iovanne played the piano during the ceremony.  I enjoyed meeting her and Chris said she was so lucky to find her -- she is both incredibly nice and a great pianist too!

The DJ  was Chris Curtis from South Bay Sounds. John and Chris found him through a friend and they were very pleased.  They said "he plays great music for all ages and knows when to play what."

Floral arrangements were by Windmill Garden, who the couple said was amazing to work with.  Even though they had already ordered the flowers for the first wedding, they didn't charge John and Chris for them!  Very nice, indeed! 

The beer was from Rocky Coulee.  The owners' son is a good friend of John's from high school and Chris's mom was a member of the "backroom girls," who meet on Fridays for a beer, to play a few games and to enjoy some conversation.  The bride and groom have reserved some of their wedding "pint" glasses to contribute to the group as a tribute to Chris's mom.

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Nanc said...

It was great meeting you! The service was perfect and this blog captures every moment of the evening. If you ever make it to Odessa be sure to ask anyone downtown to direct you to one of us. We would love to show you some more Odessa hospitality!
"Aunt" Nancy Floether

Patricia Stimac and Kent Buttars, Seattle Wedding Officiants said...

Nancy -

That sounds like an offer I can hardly resist!

I really did have so much fun. Thank you for making me feel part of the "family."