Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Lovely Lady and Gallant Guy Wed in Sylvan Grove

The "reveal" took place at the Sylvan Grove.
It seems inevitable that Jeff and Emily would be together.  From their computer science class where they passed notes back and forth, riffed on the lectures, learned about each others' interests and doodled to illustrate a point, their path was clear.

The sheep are adorable!

The bride and groom's wedding was informed by Emily's rendition of a cute little sheep bouncing across the page.  Jeff burst into laughter when he saw it.  The bouncing sheep was a whimsical and welcome contrast to the binary world they inhabited   ...  and it soon became their mascot.

Emily created the sheep in her bouquet.  (Doesn't it look like an idyllic pasture scene?)  Jeff sported sheep on his cuff links.

Love the pink!

He was ready from his cuff links to his ever-so-classy shoes!

The grove itself created a natural arbor.

Their ceremony took place very near their offices.  It was a perfect location!

Jeff and Emily decided on a "ring warming."  Each guest had the opportunity to hold their rings and inbue them with their well wishes and blessings.

Meg had people in stitches and in tears!

They also invited a good friend to present a playful poem about why they liked each other.


Then, it was time for Emily and Jeff's vows, which they wrote themselves.  So funny, so touching.   I loved every minute of them!

The very happy couple exited.  It was time to celebrate.

All and all, a very, very good day!

I'm certain Emily and Jeff will always find happiness in their adventures.

Many thanks to Gabriel Boone Photography for these great photos.

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