Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Mark and Denise - A Valentine's and Chinese New Year Wedding

Talk about an auspicious day to marry  --  February 14, 2010. 

Denise and Mark wanted to celebrate both the Western day of Love and the Eastern day of new beginnings.

In numerology, I believe, it adds up as well:     
            2 for February

         + 5 for the day 
         + 3 for the year
          10, reduced to a prime number is 1, 
                the number of new beginnings.)
The bride and groom are obviously happy!

So family and friends gathered at the Blue Ribbon Cooking School, which was decorated beautifully in red and white, of course. The joy of the day was evident -- all the way down to the ring bearer!

The couple selected a poem written by Lao Tzu to share during the ceremony.
See clearly
  your love is a great mystery.
It is like an eternal lake
  whose waters are always still and clear like glass.

It is like a deep well
  whose water are cool and pure.
Drinking from it you can be reborn.

You do not have to stir the waters or dig the well.
Merely see yourself clearly and drink deeply.
Mr. and Mrs. exit with huge smiles on their faces!
The view from to top is well worth the climb up! 

ne of the many things I love about the Blue Ribbon Cooking School is it's proximity to so many Seattle landmarks.  The water tower at Volunteer Park is incredible!  It backdrops the wedding party so nicely. 

Dear Pat -

It was an absolute pleasure and a relief to have someone as talented, thoughtful and pleasant as yourself to walk us through out most important day! 

Thanks for making it seem effortless and for making the ceremony so special. 
Mark and Denise

Now, here we are ... coming up on their first anniversary.  Sending the two "double happiness" in their life together!!

Hats off to Cheryl Chudyk for her fine photos and to Lindsey, the couple's coordinator at the Blue Ribbon Cooking School.

When planning your double romantic, double joyous, double lucky wedding day, think of us - a doubly talented officiant team -- and give us a call at 206.789.9788 or contact us at our website.

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