Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Finding the Perfect Officiant for You!

Last week we met with a couple who were so in love and so concerned about finding the "perfect" officiant for them.  Each came from a different culture and different religious background.  They had many considerations but nothing seemed to work.

First, they thought of asking the bride's pastor to officiate, but circumstances didn't allow that.  Plus, the groom didn't have a relationship with the person.

Then, there was the friend of a friend ... but they knew there wouldn't be a close connection with that person and there was huge anxiety about the type of ceremony they would have.  Not a good option.

The next step was looking on the Internet.  And that is where they found us.  The bride and groom were so relieved.  They were practically dancing when they left our home/office.  They had found an officiant who honored both their communities and looked for ways to bring them together, an officiant they liked and enjoyed the company of, an officiant they trusted, an officiant who had the experience and resources to create an amazing ceremony with them, an officiant who was organized and would guide them in finding wording they loved, an officiant who helps them plan for and direct their rehearsal so they could enjoy it, a person who they feel comfortable with when they shared their very personal wedding vows, an officiant they want at the reception to share their joy.

Of course we are proud members of many wonderful wedding sites, from Junebug Weddings and The Knot to Thumbtack and a preferred officiant at 200+ venues.  

Give us a call at 206.789.9788 or contact us through our website to find your "perfect" officiant!

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