Saturday, February 19, 2011

Matthew and Angela Finally Say "I Do!"

"I do" - two words Angela and Matthew have wanted to say for years!
O'Dell Center in Kent had an open house today.  We were happy to be invited to the event and to learn about a venue that is new to us.  Kent was our representative.
The highlight of the afternoon was his exchange with Matthew and Angela.  The two married a few years ago.  They had met with us and at the time thought our fee was a bit over their budget. They decided to go with another officiant.  

Angela and Matthew recognized Kent immediately and were excited to share their "wedding ceremony story" with him.  In hindsight, the two wished they had chosen one of us to officiate for them.

Their wedding day was going very well ... until the ceremony.  The officiant had a "melt down" and in the confusion, skipped pages of the ceremony.  Angela noticed and pointed this out to the officiant several times.  When all was said and done, the couple didn't realize until after the ceremony that they had never actually said, "I do."  They regretted not saying these two simple words to this day.

Angela wanted to make it right and asked Kent if they could do so on the spot.  Kent was overjoyed to oblige.  The couple joined hands, Kent asked if they would take each other as husband and wife, they jubilantly responded, "I do," and kissed.

Satisfaction at last!  

Kent asked for a photo and permission to share their story, which was happily given.  Matthew and Angela look forward to seeing this blog post.  

The end!   (Not really.  It's the continuation of a very happy marriage!!!)

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