Sunday, January 30, 2011

Acalia Open House

The buffet station was beautiful!
Kent and I were fortunate to be invited to Acalia's Open House, which is always a great time.  The space is so bright and airy, even on a cloudy winter day.  It just feels good to be in the atrium.

There were several food presentations.  The "spring" fare featuring the braised ribs (my favorite entree) was at the buffet, the "summer fare" which was served at several tables and included chicken, the gyros at a separate station.  Plus, there were passed specialties.

This is the hanging appetizer station

I love appetizers ... and Foodz Catering had some very good one.  My fave was the cured salmon on a shrimp chip (please forgive me if I named the base incorrectly).  It tastes great.

There was popcorn with truffle oil, shrimp on coconut rice and duck on endive.  All good.

Zack and Kristine kept us "on beat."

We caught up with old friends, Kristine, and her son, Zack, of  Wave Link Music, Inc, who were the DJs.

Victorian Cake from New Renaissance Cakes

Scott Eklund of red box pictures and Bonnie Lyons of New Renaissance Cakes were also there.   I realize that Bonnie's cakes are as pretty as a picture but I really enjoyed tasting all the flavors.  I lean toward the Belgium Chocolate, the Hazelnut, the Poppyseed, and the Carrot Cake.  Kent was chocolate down the line:  Belgium Chocolate, Chocolate Espresso and Chocolate Orange.

The floral displays were by Dogwood Designs

We also made new friends:  Katie Cunningham of Dogwood Designs Floral Studio and Cindy Dovinh, Sales and Marketing Manager of the MarQueen Hotel and Inn at Queen Anne.

And I apologize to Shelby Sewell, Chef and Owner Acalia Event Space and Foodz Catering.  We did talk with her but I didn't take out my camera until afterward.

Here's where the officiant stands.
Photo by Scott Eklund
red box pictures

If you're planning a wedding at Acalia and need an officiant, give us a call or contact us through our website.  We would be very happy to assist you!!

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