Thursday, January 6, 2011

Geoff and Jen Make it Official at the Liberty Theater

Aren't they an adorable family?

Kent and I had so much fun assisting Jen and Geoff create a ceremony that was just right for them.  A bit of tradition, a bit of whimsy -- it all came together. 

Geoff and his "guys" were dressed and ready.  Looking "cool" and "hot" in their shades.

While the ladies were looking their best ... and enjoying themselves.

Love the historic quality of the theater.

Everyone gathered at the Theater. Jennifer explained that when she was young, The Liberty Theater was a state-of-the art movie theater.  Her mother and father would take her and her sister to see the latest releases.  She remembers everyone waiting outside, eager to find their favorite seats when the doors opened.  Since she usually fell asleep during the movie, she would be dressed in her pajamas.  She and Geoff continue to share a passion for movies.  There is nothing better than to snuggle together, share a bowl of popcorn and watch a movie. 

Of course, everyone got ready in their own way.
Young photo talent is hard to find!

Then the ceremony began!

Excitement filled the Theater.  (Darling flower girl!)

There were moments of seriousness ...
and moments of levity.

Oh ... the kiss, the pronouncement of Mr. and Mrs., the recession.  Love this part.

And I love cake too.  Isn't this a beauty.
Wishing Jen and Geoff (and the little dude) a picture perfect life together.

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