Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Photo Booths

What a group!
Last night while Kent and I were talking with a couple who were planning their wedding, the topic of doing something fun and unusual during the reception came up ... and I remembered what a great time we always have with photo booths.

At the Seattle Wedding Expo last weekend, there were two variations.  The Aura Photo Booth is actually a draped space that allows quite a few people to be included in the photo.  The photos to the right include one officiant (me), four photographers and a facility coordinator.  We are a fine looking group, aren't we? 

The advantages of this booth is that there is room for a number of people to be included in the photo, they do provide props for fun photos and each person receives a copy of the images. 

Other booths we recently have had tried out are 321 Photo and Robert Riner Studios.

The other possibility was offered by Vivid Images Photography.  Kimberly Halinen had a red curtain set up and a number of wooden signs and props.  She had flash on stands and personally took the photos.

What I liked about this booth was the interaction with Kimberly, the playfulness of the signs and glasses and more, the ability to take a number of photos and the quality of the images.

Jennifer and Scott of Red Fish Blue Fish also offer such a booth called Studio-On-The-Go.  

What a great idea all around.  Thanks everyone for the possibilities of great memories.

Yes, we to attend a lot of weddings, receptions, shows and open houses so we have a chance to experiment and try things.  For ideas, please contact us at 206.789.9788 or through our website.


Marjan said...

Hi, it's always great seeing you two! Thanks for the mention. Looking forward to seeing you soon.

Aura Photo Booths

Patricia Stimac and Kent Buttars, Seattle Wedding Officiants said...

It was fun! We put all our photos on the refrigerator so we enjoy the memories on a daily basis!