Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Trevor & Jenna Seal Their Wedding Vows at the Lake Union Cafe

The Lake Union Cafe is such an incredible space to celebrate a wedding.  From the first encounter with this historic building, it enchants you with its character, beginning with the classic revolving door.  But there is nothing "revolving" about Trevor and Jenna. The two are very much in love ... and are now a married couple.

Isn't this a totally elegant place to exchange wedding vows?

All eyes and attention were on the couple.  Love filled the space.

And everyone was so happy for the bride and groom!

Right after the ceremony, the marriage certificate was signed.  There is the "lounge" area near the entrance which is perfect for this.  The couple gets a few minutes to take in everything and relax with their closest friends and family.

To say the least, Trevor was "floating" with elation!  Good thing he and Jenna were holding hands.

Here's what Jenna and Trevor wrote us:

Thank you so much for everything!

Thank you, Pat, for all of your help with the writing. That was a fun process!

Thank you, Kent, for officiating. You did a wonderful job! We had several people comment on how much they enjoyed the ceremony.  We couldn't have been happier with how the ceremony turned out!

Trevor and Jenna, enjoy a happy and long-lived life together!!!

Many thanks to Vlad and Irina of Voir Photography for their lovely images.
As always, Victoria makes us feel right at home at the Cafe and Joe Bongiorno keeps things entertaining as a DJ and a pianist.

We believe the ceremony is the heart of the wedding day.  To discover the words of your heart, please call us at 206-789-9788 or contact us through our website:

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