Sunday, September 12, 2010

Aloha Newlyweds - Michael & Kendra at De Lille Cellars (Woodinville)

Mr. and Mrs.

Talk about a couple who added their signature to their wedding day.  It has to be Kendra and Michael.  Everything was thought out, "crafting" parties were held, and the resulting wedding day was memorable.

Nieces & nephew all took part!

The two decided on a Thursday wedding and guests traveled from all over to be there, even from Japan.  Everyone was so happy for the union and spirits were high ... and the sun emerged (even thought the forecast was for rain).

They crafted the signs & added photos all along the fence.

And it was impossible to get lost!

Hand crafted flags, a hand-painted sign and pompoms of color festooned the meadow and the trees.

Guests were photographed with various props (I chose the huge red glasses), the photo printed and each person mounted their pic in the guestbook.  Each page had a line of the couple's favorite song hand entered at the top of each page.   

Check out the table settings.  Near each plate was a picture of that person, a photo of the bride and groom, the person's name and some blackberry jam (yum).

And the table you cupcakes and love birds were enticing.

Much happiness to Michael and Kendra!!!

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