Saturday, September 11, 2010

Stephanie and Reese - A Beautiful Wedding at Hidden Meadows

The Snohomish Valley takes your breath away with great sunsets.
Every time of the year is a wonderful time to wed.  In the Pacific Northwest, summer is the favorite time.  Particularly, the last weekend of July (I've heard it is statistically the weekend with the least possibility of rain).  For Reese and Stephanie, their wedding day was clear and sunny...and the sunset was spectacular!

What I remember most clearly from this ceremony is the "words of wisdom" from Rob, Stephanie’s dad.  He explained to her that in every relationship one person is like the balloon and the other is the string. In this relationship, Reese is the balloon, he is the dreamer, and Stephanie is the string, she keeps the two on task and grounded in reality. They are a good match!  I think this photo says it all.

It was a magic day, captured wonderfully by Joe and Jill Photography.

Other wedding professionals that contributed to the overall experience were:
Brett Fawcett, DJ
Emily Hawkins, Wedding Planner
Hidden Meadows 

Many gorgeous sunrises and sunsets to Reese and Stephanie!

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