Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Jeff & Diana's "Love in the Rain" Wedding Ceremony

 "Thank you, Kent! It was really a pleasure working with you and Pat. The wedding was an unbelievable experience, on many levels, and including for one reason you called out - it was amazing to have so many people there who love us, and to feel that joy and delight you mention. I was so glad that we wrote our own vows, personalized the ceremony with your and Pat's guidance, involved many friends to sing, speak, play (and even chauffeur!), and that we included the community affirmation language. "
The bride and groom glowed ... and their day was blessed by the rain (very auspicious).   Thankfully, the tent kept the guests dry and comfortable and the best man shielded the bride from any stray droplets. (Yes, Kent brought a white umbrella to the wedding and it really came in handy. And I love the look of the clear tent.)

As you can see in the photo above, the wedding party was quite cozy under the focal point tree in the garden.  It created a sense of intimacy and connection, reflecting key values of the couple. What impressed my husband the most was the joy of the experience.  This unique couple enjoyed their moment, rain or shine.

Words from the heart are the best words!

Diana and Jeff exchanged their personal vows in Parsons Garden (Queen Anne area of Seattle).  It was in this very park the two shared their first date.  

During their courtship, "they climbed mountain peaks, walked deserted beaches, got lost together, sat quietly side by side together," in Jeff's words.  What made each moment better was that they experienced it all together.

The two designed their wedding rings. They wanted them to reflect a sense of movement and to signify the flow of life.  And they were beautiful.

Off they go, happy and in love.

Their wedding day was as memorable as any could be.  Spirits were high and I'm sure will remain so.  Wishing the two a happy, healthy and long-lived journey through life together. 

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