Saturday, May 4, 2013

Original Wedding Gift for Couples Who Love Wine!

Officiated for Kholysoh "Kaleeska" and Bud this evening at the Seattle Design Center.  It was a wonderful experience.

When I walked past the gift table, I saw this!  What a creative and thoughtful gift.

There are five bottles of wine and a collection of stemless wine glasses to suit the wines.

Each wine was selected for a "first" in the couple's life together.  Although I'm not familiar with the wine qualities of "Snowflake," the name of it was a playful selection for a wine to celebrate Bud and Kholysoh's first Christmas Eve.

Each bottle had a poem or message attached to it
that was written especially for the bride and groom.

Ummm ... I have a few weddings coming up this summer.  

What a fun gift to create and give and receive.

Maybe this is a good gift for you to offer as well!

If you are a couple who will be receiving wedding gifts and would like a ceremony as creative and fun as this gift, give us a call at 206.789.9788 or through our website.

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